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It's as if somebody cast a permanent reduce spell on a bear.
  The korpokkur, known colloquially as the "wee bear folk", are a newly discovered species that live in the Lost City of the DragonSnake. Little is known about the korpokkur or even if there are other settlements. However, the dragonkin exploring the Lost City have begun to form tentative relationships with the tiny bears. Currently, the korpokkur share no common tongue with the dragonkin. Communication is possible through some dragonkins' telepathic abilities.  

Tiny Bears

  Korpokkur are bipedal folk that resemble bears and stand at between one and one & a half feet. Both their hands and feet are clawed. However, their fingers are long and thin with an opposable thumb. Although they prefer to walk upright, they can sprint for brief distances on all fours. Korpokkur's teeth are sharp and sometimes their smile can be mistaken for grimace. Frustration or distress is typically showcased through a series of grunts and growls. Korpokkur are primarily shades of black and brown. Although less common, some have red and white colorings.  

Habitat and Homepods

  With an affinity for water, the korpokkur live close to the river and streams. Families gather in groups, near one section of water, called homepods. Individuals travel to other homepods to visit. However, it is accepted that one only fishes in the vicinity of their homepod. It seems that korpokkur that have a higher status will live further upstream on the river, thus receiving the best fish first.   Korpokkur each live in individual green titan's mouth plants. The plants are cultivated close together, forming the homepods. The green titan's mouth plants form a symbiotic relationship with the korpokkur, receiving added fertilizer from the remains of the fish korpokkur eat.  

Food Customs

  Korpokkur subsist primarily on a diet of fish, supplemented by locally gathered fruits and berries. Homepods fish together. Although some fish they catch are small minnows, the homepods prefer to work as a team to catch fish their size or larger. It is an awing sight to witness a korpokkur riding a fish like a bull before another spears its gut. Once they conquer the fish, korpokkur roast it over a large fire and divide the meat into individual sections.   Korpukkur believe it's rude to eat in the presence of another person and will retire to their homes for meals.  

Mating and Reproduction

  From conversations with dragonkin, the korpokkur seem to have no concept of marriage. Homepods are typically formed from the mature children of a mother. If one korpokkur is interested in another, they will present a gift to them during the day. If the gift is accepted, the korpokkur will visit their home that night.   Female korpokkur have between three and six children at a time. Once born, the children will stay with her until they reach the age of five. During that time, the females accept no visitors. At five, the siblings will form their own homepod. Any additional children she has will join the same homepod. Siblings stay within their homepods for most of their lives. However, when a homepod numbers dwindle, those remaining join their grandchildren's homepod.   Korpokkur are a shorter lived species, often not living beyond fifty.  
Dragonkin have not been able to ascertain the religion of the korpokkur. They do not speak of any god. They only repeat that they respect those things which fight to live. When a dragonkin wryly asked if the korpokkur thought of the Kindred as gods, their representative only replied: "Whether gods or devils, your will to live is strong. For that, we give you respect. We hope you return that respect to whatever you must conquer."
Dress & Culture
Korpokkur enjoy wearing bright clothing. They typically dress in tunics or robes with slits to their waist which facilitate free movement. Some wear a small matanpushi skullcap between their ears which siblings from the same litter design together. Korpokkur harvest reeds and nettle from the riverside to weave their robes and find dyes from nearby flowers and fruit to dye the cloth.   Weaving is a prized skill for the korpokkur of the Lost City and robes or other accessories are offered as a gift if a korpokkur is interested in another. Although, korpokkur enjoy bright clothing, there are no taboos surrounding nudity. It is common for korpokkur to leave their clothing in their homes when fishing, as it is very thrilling and dangerous work and they don't want to ruin their treasured outfits.   When not fishing or weaving, dragonkin have observed korpokkur playing instruments made from reeds and other plants. Their weapons and tools are made from sharp rocks wrapped onto carved wood. Even when not fishing, korpokkur will sunbathe on giant lily pads or handcrafted boats, talking primarily to those in their homepod. The young enjoy chasing each other through the ruins and hiding behind the rocks. Interestingly, korpokkur take little interest in the artifacts there. They seem content to only use what nature provides.

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Author's Notes

Korpokkur as tiny bears are inspired from Ainu folklore.   This article is from the POV of the dragonkin about a species that was initially lost to history. There may be other tiny bears running around Adazuri. At a foot tall, they can hide quite easily under the leaves.

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