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Council Person

A council person is a temporary position in the Unchained Society. Each village that opts into membership of the Unchained Society has a city council with twelve rotating seats. Each council person serves on the council for three months. Although it is a position that requires a certain level of experience and understandings of the inner workings of the Village, a council person is not a leadership position. There are no leadership positions in the Unchained Society.   There are no leaders.  

Duties and Responsibilities

  A council person's primary purpose is to organize and guide the people of the Unchained Society. They must review both short-term and long-term goals of the village. After reviewing, they organize job teams to ensure they come to fruition.   The Council Building is open to everybody who lives or visits the Unchained Society. In the center of the lobby entrance, there is a large glass box. Within that box, people can drop off requests. Some are simple. Some are complex. Some are signed. Some are anonymous.   All are read by the Council.   Council persons meet every day to review requests from citizens. After reading the requests, they organize them so that they can take care of the most immediate requests first. Council persons meet with the representatives from different job types and give them suggestions about the different work their team can do that will best support the citizens' requests and the city, at large.   When two conflicting requests arises, the entire council must work together to reach a consensus that can best support the city. When a request comes that the council agrees is ultimately detrimental to the community, the council will turn it down. Any requests that are turned down will be addressed during the nightly public debriefing.  

Stepping Down

  The Unchained Society is an anarchist, mutual aid society. As such, no person holds a permeant position of power. The purpose of the rotating council is to ensure that no one person or group of people can take the power from the community, as a whole. After three months is complete, the city council person returns to a previous or new position, dependent on their skillset. They cannot return to the city council position until a full year had passed.
Public Debriefings
Every night, one council member will go to one of the Food Halls within their community. There, they will give an update on everything the council discussed that day. Community members are able to give comments during the Public Debriefing. They are also able to schedule a private meeting with the entire council if they do not agree with their decision.
Public Services

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Aug 3, 2022 00:03

I like how you've written this article! It's clear and concise, but I still get all the details I need to understand how the position works and how it fits into the society as a whole. Great job! How are council people chosen to serve? Is it an election process? Or does everyone have to opt into the rotation roster?

Aug 4, 2022 02:08 by Cassandra Sojourn

Thanks! I’m working on this in another article, but in short every eligible society member is placed in a lottery. A name is drawn each week to serve. A person can opt out, but in doing so their name won’t be put back into the lottery for a certain period of time.

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