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Blood Glass

  Blood glass are magical shards found in the Glass Desert Flats, located in the central west region of the Mesa Dunes. Blood glass has healing properties and is fueled through using one's own blood.  

Physical Characteristics

  In its natural state, blood glass is clear and cool to the touch. However, when a person cuts themself with it, the blood that spills is absorbed into the glass. The shard slowly transforms into the color of the person's blood and begins to warm in their hands. The blood glass retains its warmth until expended or after two days. If not used, the blood glass loses half its coloring on the second day and returns to clear on the third day.   Blood glass can be easily carried in a pocket or pouch. However, one must take care not to cut themselves on the shard until needed as the magic stored will be expended into the body and will need to be recharged again. Blood glass comes in four primary sizes.  

Approximately 1/4 inch diameter

To charge, the user must bloodlet and take 1d4 of damage

When expended, the user receives 2d4+PB of healing


Approximately 1/2 inch diameter

To charge, the user must bloodlet and take 1d6 of damage

When expended, the user receives 2d6+PB of healing


Approximately 1 inch diameter

To charge, the user must bloodlet and take 1d8 of damage

When expended, the user receives 2d8+PB of healing


Approximately 2 inch diameter

To charge, the user must bloodlet and take 1d10 of damage

When expended, the user receives 2d10+PB of healing


Usage and Expiration

  The first time a person cuts themselves with the blood glass, life energy will be expended and stored in the shard. The second time a person is cut with the shard, life energy will return to the user's body. In order to fuel the blood glass, the user must take a short rest or long rest.   Only the person's blood who is stored in the shard can use the blood glass. If a different person cuts themselves with the blood glass, their own life energy will be expended into the shard. However, if the blood glass user is unconscious, another person can use the blood glass to cut the unconscious person. This will bring them back to consciousness and restored the above stated hit points.   If no blood magic is present in the blood glass, it is possible to break it in half so that you have two blood glass shards one size smaller. If a minuscule-sized blood glass is broken, it loses all magical abilities and cannot be restored.   Blood must be offered daily in order to fuel the life energy. On day two, the user can only regain half the life energy rolled. On day three, the life energy has completely dissipated. The user must bloodlet again in order to refuel the shard.  

Origin and Cultural Significance

  Blood glass can only be found in the Glass Desert Flats. As legend goes, during the Dread Scarlett Age, a god fell from the sky and shattered into a billion pieces. The shards are the last remnants of the god's power. The inhabitants of Girmazi worship the god, known only as the Blood Crystal Lord. They believe that once every shard of blood class has touched the blood of a mortal, the Blood Crystal Lord will return.   The presence of blood glass influenced the Girmazi inhabitants to develop and enhance the arcane art of blood magic. Girmazi travel the world, collecting and studying magical beasts and artifacts, to augment their blood magic abilities. It is rumored that the creation of vampires were a result of a mad scientist's quest for the world's most powerful blood magic spell.  

Trade and Market

  As ordered from the capitol, Zuvmurt slaves are used to collect blood glass from the desert sands. These slaves are carefully overseen by Zuvmurt soldiers, who record each shard uncovered at the end of the day. In exchange for providing ten percent of their shards to the army, Girmazi are able to directly sell their wares throughout the Eastern Homelands and across the seas. However, they are required to carefully record every transaction they make and give an additional twenty percent tax to the Zuvmurt kingdom. Girmazi inhabitants are prohibited from selling their wares to the Unchained Society, Kudinyana Kingdom, or any of their neighboring allies. There exists a bustling black market of blood magic shards from Girmazi merchants who have secretly collected the glass or bribed soldiers to forget to record some of the finds.  
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