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Blood Bond Bracer

Blood Bond Bracers are an invention from the Girmazi people of Zuvmurt Kingdom. Originally designed as an oath-keeping mechanism, blood bond bracers are primarily used by nobles in the Zuvmurt Kingdom to manage their large slave population.  

Mechanics and Design

The blood bond bracer is a wide gold bracelet with two long wires. One wire coils from the arm to the back of ones neck. The second wire coils around your chest poised above one's heart. Both of these coils are able to tighten and loosen independently. The brain stem coil has the ability to detect when one is breaking their oath. The heart coil can control one's heartbeat when the brain stem coil detects hesitation or refusal of the oath. If a person continues to break their oath, the heart coil will stop their heart.   The magical blueprint for making the blood bond bracer is known only to the most powerful blood magic practitioners in Girmazi. The knowledge that Zuvmurt Army would likely raze the entire city if not for the bracers has made this a zealous secret.  

Making the Oath

Girmazi sell the bracers already enchanted. On the inside of the bracer, there is an indentation where the blood of the person taking the oath must run. The oath taker must use the heart and brainstem coils to cut their wrist while saying the words of the oath. The bracer is then locked around their wrist and they repeat the oath again as the coils wrap themselves around their body. Once the words are spoken, the oath receiver must pour their blood on the seams of the bracer and whisper a secret phrase that serves as a passcode.   Although this was originally used to prove one's loyalty and folk would often wear twin blood bond bracers, these oaths are now made with a blade against the oathtaker's neck.  

Other Uses

In addition to use by those in Zuvmurt Kingdom, yamambas in the Perennial Woodlands make use of the blood bond bracers to ensure folk keep their word when giving quests. Girmazi folk will sell blood bond bracers to any folk who has the coin to purchase. They travel throughout the Eastern Homelands to trade and even sell the bracers to EQ Airship Pilots from the western continent.
Removing the Bracer
Once placed, the only guaranteed way to remove the bracer is by the blood of the original placer, along with their secret password. Upon the death of a placer, the bracer will often fall off. However, the oath-taker cannot kill that person or even scheme about somebody else killing them, for fear of the heart coil stopping their heart. Owners will often pour multiple people's blood from vials on the bracer before locking it as added security, in case of death and to prevent any loophole scheming from occurring.   There is another, secret, method for removing the bracer. It is believed that sympathetic Girmazi people have shared this with other folk who are involved with the Underground Railroad. However, this method does pose risks of death so. not all people are willing to do it when offered.  
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable

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