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Sverda (Sver-DA)

Dog may be man's best friend, but the Drizdi halflings prefer Sverda.
  Sverda are nocturnal mammals found in the Mesa Dunes desert. Often companions of Drizdi halflings, this once wild animal has been largely domesticated.  

Dietary Needs

  Sverda are omnivores, who eat small vertebrae, green plants, roots, fruit, and bird eggs. Sverda need little water to survive in the desert. They receive most of their water needs through moisture extracted from their prey. They hunt for food at night. Sverda are able to use their tail to pick up rocks before capturing their prey in their teeth or claws. Sverda's tails also aid them in climbing date trees.  

Social Needs

  Sverda are social creatures and will often congregate in small packs. During the day, Sverda will create burrows in the sand for protection and rest. At night, they travel and hunt. When Sverda feel threatened, they will bear their teeth and hiss. If a threatening creature approaches them, Sverda can push off both their hind legs and kick the assumed threat.   Sverda reach sexual maturity around one years old. Females are able to reproduce twice a year. When in heat, they are able to get pregnant by more than one stud. They have litters of between three and seven pups. Male Sverda are often uninterested in pups. However, they have been known to occasionally kill pups that are not their own.  


  Drizdi halflings have successfully domesticated Sverda, though there are still wild Sverda who roam the desert. Their acute sense of hearing has helped Drizdi when hunting and acts as a warning alarm to danger. Drizdi children name Sverda pups and they often sleep beside them, especially when scared. Drizdi halflings can use Sverda when transporting resources or food. However, because Drizdi move with powerful leaps, items must be durable.  
  Sverda measure around three feet long and are covered in white, tan, or brown silky fur. They have two strong hind legs, which are used to power their jumps. When moving, Sverda can change direction at a moment's notice. Sverda possess long, rabbit shaped, ears and dark, round eyes that are sensitive to sunlight. Their front paws have sharp claws, which they use to burrow into the sand or trap animals. They have a long, skinny prehensile tail.
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