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Written by skairunner

The Heretic GA-7 is a Venusian close air support/ground assault aircraft manufactured by Ishtari Diamond. It is also used at Penumbra in a supplementary role to the Sunbreaker SF-2. It is most notable for its sealed fuselage and beefy environmental control features that allow tuning the atmosphere mix for optimal Fei soldier performance.  


The Heretic utilizes winglets for additional lift and control as well as a mounting point for missile pods, but most of its ability to fly comes from its quad crystal engines. It has a multi-purpose fuselage that can be used as troop transport or mount support weapons such as guns or rockets. It can also be used to launch guided bombs, though it is not possible to retrofit a standard Heretic into a bomber outside of a factory. It mounts two forward gun turrets that are linked to the same pilot control, one anti-armour slug thrower and one anti-personnel machine gun.  

Heretics in the Sun

Unlike the Sunbreaker, the Heretic relies primarily on active cooling to survive in the lethal Mercury day. Its power plant - substantially larger than that of the Sunbreaker - is more than sufficient to handle pumping heat out of the ship and into the equally hot surroundings. However, it does take advantage of reflective paints and canopies to make that job easier.

Teething Troubles

The Heretic GA-7 was selected to serve the close air support role for Penumbra operations after a long and difficult bidding process with several other highly regarded defense companies. Modifications to suit the unique environment of Mercury would be designed, and the new airframe would be dubbed the Heretic GA-7M. It would incorporate reflective paint, hardened sensors, and increased climate controls. The cockpit would be extended to seat four, while the fuselage would be depressurized and serve as extra space for deploying missiles.   While the Heretic mostly performed as advertised, the incredibly thin air of Mercury coupled with the lower-than-Venus gravity caused the Heretic to feel "floaty" and difficult to maneuver as precisely as desired by Penumbra's pilots. Ishtari Diamond initially argued that further adaptability training would resolve pilots' complaints, but eventually relented and started delivering a Block 2 version of the GA-7M with longer, thinner winglets more suited to Mercury as well as tweaks to the crystal engines to divert available thrust to maneuvering. GA-7M Block 1 models are slowly being rotated off-planet for refurbishment.

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Dec 10, 2023 13:54 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Ishtari Diamond: It's a skill issue.   I'm glad they eventually listened though. XD

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 10, 2023 14:36

Classic move by manufacturers who don't want to pony up the money to fix their problems :)

Dec 14, 2023 21:45 by Rin Garnett

Love the considerations needed to work with different different planetary conditions. Does the GA stand for anything in particular? Asking for a friend who should also write a bunch of vehicle articles (it's me, I'm the friend).

Dec 15, 2023 11:27

Thank you! I like thinking about the constraints of vehicle designs since I think it adds interesting things to put in an article. GA just stands for "ground assault" :D

Dec 16, 2023 22:52

Everything here's just absolutely great, but I really appreciate two things!   1. Taking the time to even mention bidding processes and procurement processes is, just, really great to see! In me eyes, it does a lot to bring the Setting to life.   2. You mentioned Blocks and modifications and refurbishing older platforms and--- Okay, getting excited there, but frankly I feel like we don't see enough of this sorta facet of military equipment enough. So, great to find it here!   -Keen observers may note that I've tried to include those two points in my own stuff, assuming I ever write the articles that'd actually, well, show it-

Jan 24, 2024 20:06 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

I love to see the adaptations history of the craft. "Floaty" is an interesting description XD Do they have these vehicles still around or have they all been adapted now? Any chance that Eun will have to pilote one? :p   (Your explanation of the constraints on each vehicles design is what makes your articles unique for me :D) I also loved the biding war :p The defence companies must be having a field day with Mercury!

Jan 28, 2024 10:18

Thank you! I enjoy writing about the circumstances surrounding each vehicle, I feel like it's one of the most interesting parts. I think some of the Block 1 Heretics are still around Penumbra so if Eun is unlucky she might pull the lemon.   Defense companies are definitely enjoying the active conflict in Penumbra :p Lots of custom design work AND no humanoid enemy to make you look bad in the news!