by Annie Stein
Welcome to Solaris, traveller! Let me get you up to speed.
Solaris is a soft science fiction webcomic set in our own universe, kind of. Learn more by continuing to read, or click here to be taken to the comic.
Q:Where am I?   You're still in the system known as Sol. Except this time each planet is habitable and developed its own life. The people are humanoid, mostly.
Q:I heard something about a comic?   Oh yes! The main comic is still in development, but you can read the first few pages of Little Blue if you click here.  
Q:What's going on?   Sol is invading. The resentful sun sends its angelic armies: the Scourge. For now, they're being held back at Mercury by Penumbra.
by Annie Stein
Tray is a floating robotic server who serves the drinks and meals at Oasis. He can carry up to a dozen drinks at once. Tray was built on Mercury as a personal favour to Roseah. He does not speak any humanoid languages, but does speak Sol Binary.  

Rating System

Tray has a rating system where people can give feedback on his service by pressing one of four faces on his screen. The faces range from sad with drooping atenna, to happy with perky antenna. Tray does not accept negative feedback. Whenever someone clicks the unhappy faces, he simply returns an error until they report that they are happy. When Tray gets feedback that his clients are happy, he makes happy beeping noises.
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Author's Notes

*happy beeping!*   Tray ended up being the most liked article the week of his release. He wants to thank machine learning, and everyone who believed in him.   Thank you all so much!

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Master PrincessESH
Aster Blackwell
9 Oct, 2022 15:47


Sage nnie
Annie Stein
9 Oct, 2022 18:38


Creator of Solaris & The Morning Realm -— Worldember 2022
10 Oct, 2022 02:48

Start having a good tray, start having a good life! :D

Come visits Terraloga, the story of the fictional Romans on how they are going to rule the world.

Sage nnie
Annie Stein
10 Oct, 2022 13:07

A Tray a day keeps the doctor... slightly concerned about your drinking habits.

Creator of Solaris & The Morning Realm -— Worldember 2022
12 Oct, 2022 12:55

Tray is an inspiration.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Sage nnie
Annie Stein
17 Dec, 2022 09:20

He really is. We should all endeavour to be more like Tray

Creator of Solaris & The Morning Realm -— Worldember 2022
17 Dec, 2022 01:43

The "Error Please Reselect" pop-up on hovering anything but a happy face is just kinda a perfect little detail and I love it immersion 10/10

Sage nnie
Annie Stein
17 Dec, 2022 09:19

Haha, thank you! It was very fun to put together

Creator of Solaris & The Morning Realm -— Worldember 2022