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Roseah is a study in contradictions. They move mountains to help Mercurians flee, but disdain them for abandoning their home. A misanthrope who has built the most welcoming Oasis there is on Mercury.
  Roseah is a quiet, strong-looking Mercurian. They are the owner of Oasis, and travel with Penumbra. While Roseah is short with everyone, they are openly disdainful of those who do not appreciate their homeworld, and especially those seek the exploitation of Mercury's natural resources.   They wear a wedding band, but do not speak of their former partner. Fellow Mercurian nomads understand. Among the nomadic people of Mercury there is a belief that the soul is weakened when someone is known only by proxy. Speaking the name of the dead to those who have not met them is seen as ushering them towards the ultimate death.

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I followed Solarcat's excellent character advice when making this article. It's a brilliant way to flesh out a character.

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