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Pater-class Carrier

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The Pater-class is a fast carrier employed by the Jovian Orbital Guard. It is a crucial part of the Orbital Guard's anti-piracy strategy, operating as a mobile spaceport that can launch and resupply Cyklopes incredibly close to areas of operation. As a fast carrier, it sacrifices its endurance and combat strength for the ability to participate in intercepts. Accelerating significantly before releasing its fighter complement effectively multiplies their range, providing the flexibility needed to detain and deter piracy.   The carriers are constructed at Red Spot Shipyards. Each carrier takes five to six years to complete. The shipyard has two airdocks capable of accomodating a Pater-class and has delivered four carriers already with eight more in the pipeline. Concurrent with the introduction of Pater-class carriers into service, the previous generation Juno-class carriers are being decommissioned.


The silhouette of the Pater-class is dominated by its engines. Four blocks of six highly efficient Astromeria crystal engines provide enough thrust to accelerate the carrier into intercept trajectories. These engines are one of the few major components of the carrier that are procured from Ganymede rather than Jupiter; they are typically used for Dragonfly-type cargo craft.   A craft catapult at the bow allows for rapidly deploying its complement of strikecraft. Recovery is significantly slower as returning strikecraft are required to dock with two magnetically clamping elevators. However, the space (and weight) saved was considered an acceptable design compromise.   Similar to the Juno-class, the carriers have a sparse set of point-defense cannons and two torpedo launchers almost as an afterthought, as they should practically never be in knife-fight range.  

Ships in class

Pater-class carriers are named after renouned patricians, usually Senators. Twelve carriers are planned to be constructed, and their names are as follows. Unfinished ships italicized.
  • JGC Pateris
  • JGC Aequalis
  • JGC Singularis
  • JGC Grandis
  • JGC Capitatis
  • JGC Primus
  • JGC Augustus
  • JGC Fluvius
  • JGC Vicularis
  • (Three yet unnamed)


The first Pater-class carrier, JGC Pateris was launched in 220010 at a ceremony that involved delegates from the Senate, key design personnel, and the commissioning of a limited batch of holocards of the ship. It was officially delivered in 220011 after extensive testing of its systems and verification of its design, including a shakedown voyage to test the power plant and engines and an integrity test where carefully calculated bombs were detonated near the hull.   All four carriers are currently stationed in or around Jupiter orbit. The precise location of each is not necessarily public as military craft often turn off their VIP transponders. JGC Singularis is in Ganymede orbit, while Aequalis is known to be deployed near common transit paths from Saturn. Since the primary mission of the carriers is anti-piracy, it can be safely assumed that the other two carriers are similarly employed.

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Dec 20, 2023 18:00 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Ooo, eight new ones in production seems a little ominous. Although I suppose they are not built for bang bang shooty time.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 20, 2023 18:08

There's only two airdocks that can build them at a time and they take 5 years to complete, so they won't be all ready for at least 20 more years. And indeed, they're mostly useful to protect the fine citizens of Jove against Saturnian pirate scum.

Dec 22, 2023 11:50

Gahhhh!!! I honestly believe that proper carriers don't get anywhere near enough love in most fiction, and like I said this is a fine example of one! I just have a few things to let off my chest, since reading this has triggered a sense of immense nerd-ery in my soul:   1. I'm not sure if this was intended, but the names! I'm a fan of committing to fun naming schemes of ships, and I think I spotted one here. The first five have names ending with -is, and the next three names ending with -us. Looking at the Vicularis, though, I think I might've been off the mark...   2. Shakedown cruises! Explosive shock tests!!! Design compromises! Oh, you are really good at this stuf!   3. The entirety of the second paragraph speaks to me on an emotional level. I mean, the acknowledgement of all that behind the scenes stuff that actually form the nuts and bolts of running a naval service is something I try and pull together myself, and seeing it in writing is oddly gratifying! Gradual fleet replacement, yard space allocation, that's the real good stuff right there!   4. Related to that, there's one small detail that sprung to my mind when I read this wonderful article. When you mentioned that there were currently only 4 vessels, it brought to mind some old research I did on availability and readiness rates in IRL navies, specifically for Carriers and ballistic missile submarines. Basically, there's this general rule that for every ship you have on active deployment, you'll have one in dock undergoing work, and depending on distances one leaving and/or returning from their station. Considering this is Sci-Fi, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the Paters can stay on station for a really long time without returning to port, so it might not matter, but just something to maybe think over! I've actually considered using this sorta process as a plot point for a story, but it's not everyone's cup of tea

Dec 22, 2023 12:12

1. It's a consequence of the fact that all Jovian senators tend to have Latinesque names. -is and -us are common endings for that kind of name.   2 & 3. I'll be honest, I was mostly inspired by the article on the Nimitz and Ford class carriers! I agree that the nitty gritty of deploying new ship classes is very cool.   4. That's an interesting tidbit that I've definitely heard before but forgot all about. I'm not entirely sure on what the maintenance cycles of these ships would look like, but the fact that they can go from anywhere in Jupiter orbit to anywhere else in said orbit without having to navigate around landmasses or whatnot probably makes it a bit faster to go from station to station. Pater class carriers are also capable of traveling quite fast and that may give incidental help to this logistical problem.   I'm very glad that you enjoyed my carrier article! I think they are very cool types of ship as well and I liked writing a dedicated carrier that doesn't double as a battleship. Surprisingly rare in scifi.

Feb 24, 2024 01:57 by Aster Blackwell

I sound like a broken record, but jeez your ships are just so cool! I love reading about them.

Mar 9, 2024 18:21

thank you!!! It makes me happy every time I get compliments on my spacecraft so please keep them coming !