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Humanoids are a catch-all term for sapient bipedal beings that vaguely resemble humans. Humanoids are not necessarily related species, but instead an example of covergent evolution.
by Annie Stein

Humans of the Moons

  Humans are by far the most prolific humanoids in the Sol Systems, despite not being particularly hardy. They are native to the moons, but there is no consensus on which moon exactly.  


by Annie Stein


  The fragile Mori are moth-like people from Mercury. The former denizens of the Sunscrapers are very distinct with their massive white manes, and fluffy feather-like antennae.  

by Annie Stein


  The Kara are a hardy people. They are insectoid, disposed to thick segmented callouses on much of their body.  
Illustration of a fei. She is vivid pink, with brightly coloured clothing. It is hard to tell what is part of her and what is clothing.
Fei by Annie Stein

Fei of Venus

  Venus is inhabited by the plantlike Fei, masters of self-modification. Their striking appearance demands attention, with coloration in all shades of the rainbow. Their breath is toxic to other humanoids, so travelling Fei wear masks to avoid poisoning others.  
Lysa by Annie Stein

Lysa of Mars

  The green Lysa are usually just known as martians. They are known to be hyperliteral, but that's a matter of culture rather than a inate trait.  

Nymphs of the Outer Worlds

Most of the humanoids in the Outer Worlds are known as nymphs. There is debate on whether or not humans are another variant of nymph.

Nymphs of Uranus

Sirene by Annie Stein


  The Sirenes are ethereal and graceful. Some draw a comparasion to the Seraphs of the Scourge.  

by Annie Stein


  Harpids have a reputation for being shrill. Not all harpids are winged, but the majority are.  
by Annie Stein

Oceanids of Neptune

  Oceanid are one of the nymphs native to Neptune. Oceanids have a natural aptitude for hydrokinesis, which allows them to propulse themselves through the seas despite their lack of hydrodynamic anatomy. Oceanids seem more attuned to mysticism than most, with a far higher rate of precognition than other humanoids.  

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