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Oceanids are one of the nymphs native to Neptune. Oceanids have a natural aptitude for hydrokinesis, which allows them to propulse themselves through the seas despite their lack of hydrodynamic anatomy. Oceanids seem more attuned to mysticism than most, with a far higher rate of precognition than other humanoids.


Oceanids resemble bipedal humanoids, but they do not have feet or the bone structure of typical upright bipeds. Oceanid legs terminate in a tapered point. While they can bend at any point of the leg, there's no true heel or proper cushioning to truly support locomotion on land. Most oceanids are capable of standing and walking for a short period. They can stand longer if they are able to use their hydrokinetic abilities to aid them in staying upright.  
The oceanids have additional sensory organs known as vibraelles. These ribbon-like appendages are attached by the joints, specifically the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. The length varies, with the distal vibraelles typically being shorter than the proximal vibraelles.   The vibraelles' primary function is to pick up vibrations. These organs are specialized at picking up motion while submerged in denser enviroments like underwater, but function to a lesser degree above ground. A small muscle is attached to the stem of the vibraelle, allowing the Oceanid to move the vibraelle forwards and backwards, focusing their tactile senses. This movement is usually unconcious, but can be controlled.
A diagram showing pointing out the vibraelles of the Oceanids. They extend from a motile stem, with a long ribbon.
Vibraelle Anatomy by Annie Stein

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by Annie Stein
Geographic Distribution

Distinctive Features
Vibraelles, mobile sensory organs connected to the joints.
Hydrokinesis, the ability to control the movement of water.
Auricles, Fin-like ears.

Skin Coloration
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