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Fritz Fram

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Fritz Fram is famous as an explorer, altruist, and xenobiologist. He led the first dive through the core of Neptune. Fram was instrumental in getting Neptune and Uranus to join the Alliance of Nations. His status is unknown since his last expedition to Deep Space.


Early Expeditions

Fritz Fram was born to a wealthy family on Neptune, growing up in a mechanical submarine city. He was a strong swimmer and competed for a while. He went to university for xenobiology, and was invited to join an expedition to the Asteroid Belt while he was still a student. He accepted the invitation, and joined to study life in the belt. He was especially interested in looking into the life cycle of the Orbitross, and finding evidence for the theory that they are a stage rather than a species.   While in the Belt, the spacecraft had to be repaired, and they spent a while lodging in the Trojans. Fram claimed he saw something large in the distant void of space during this, sparking a deeper interest in the stars. He could not convince the team to explore.   Fram was not just interested in deep space, but also the depths of his home planet Neptune. He had his sights set on a dive to the core of Neptune, but it wasn't until after his Europa expedition that he was able to garner enough support for an attempt. The extreme pressure of the core meant that he needed a specialized dive vehicle to make the trip, which he developed in close collaboration with the Imperial Marine Society. Alongside a three-person team of multidisciplinary experts, he completed the first ever successful dive through the core of Neptune, gathering precious scientific data along the way.


Fritz Fram was an outspoken internationalist. He leveraged his fame to draw attention to system-wide concerns and promote interplanetary cooperation. He joined the Alliance for Peace and became president of the local Neptunian faction. His support and advocacy was important in convincing the Empress of the worthiness of the cause.   He was one the Empire of Neptune's first delegates to the Alliance of Nations. While serving in the Assembly and the commissions, he became increasingly frustrated by the lack of concern the rest of the system had for the threats of the Oort Cloud.  

Final Adventure

Fram wanted to show the dangers of the Oort Cloud in a way that all denizens of the Sol System could understand. He organized an expedition to the Kuiper Belt, the nearest part of the Oort Cloud, that would gather both scientific data as well as video evidence of its dangers. Although cautioned against it, he believed in the importance of his mission and forged ahead, building the Nautilius, a specialized spacecraft that would bring him and his team into the Kuiper Belt and, hopefully, out again.   Although the mission was a success, and the videos from the expedition are still used today in educational material, many accounts say that the experience changed Fram. He became obsessed with deep space and poured his wealth and effort into another expedition, this time into deep space to observe the Deep Space Leviathans. Unlike the previous expedition, he had trouble convincing experts to aid him as nobody considered this risk acceptable, and only a few people from his Kuiper Belt expedition were willing to accompany him. Together, they piloted the Nautilius down into the depths below the planetary disc. He was never seen again.

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Whatever returned from the Kuiper Belt was not my Fritz. He was always arrogant, but he had a heart. That obsessive, raving husk, all he could speak about was leviathan this, glory that. Let that thing die forgotten.
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