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Welcome to Solaris, traveller! This is a slower-than-light science fantasy set in our own solar system.
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This is a gallery of all art of Eun uploaded to World Anvil.



Keep it Cool - Enlist Now Poster
Recruitment Poster by Annie Stein
A recruitment poster for the Penumbra military operation, featuring ace pilot Eun.    
Selfie by Annie Stein
Fighter pilot Eun takes a selfie with Blue NM-2, a living weapon.    


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Worldember Best Body of Work

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Cover image: Recruitment Poster by Annie Stein


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Feb 27, 2024 15:07 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Ohhh the little tab thing is so clever. Love this idea.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Mar 8, 2024 11:44 by Annie Stein

Thank you! It's inspired by a bunch of different wikis, and it was a question in the css help channels that gave me the impetus to finally make them.

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!
Apr 13, 2024 14:30 by Aster Blackwell

I love the selfie because Blue looks so uncertain! It's adorable.

Apr 13, 2024 14:33 by Annie Stein

She has no clue what is going on, bless her.

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!