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Operation War Dove

by Annie Stein
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by Annie Stein
Ganymedes was the loveliest born of the moons, and therefore when it rebelled, Jupiter caught its heart away, to be their wine-pourer for the sake of admonishing those, who might consider themselves equal. This was their retaliation.
  Things were looking dire for the Ganymedean Independence Movement. Jupiter had established a full blockade, preventing all import and export, as well as jamming any signals sent to and from Ganymede. In doing so Jupiter had full control over the narrative. It was a matter of time before the Independence Movement were branded as misguided insurrectionists. The only hope they had of shifting public opinion was to exfiltrate one of their own to serve as the face of the movement. The Independence Movement stood no chance without external support.   This was the background for the development of the controversial black-ops initiative: Operation War Dove.  

Operation War Dove: The Plan

To arrange a safe passage off Ganymede for diplomat Anstazia Halcyon so she could advocate for the Independence Movement and counter Jovian Propaganda.
To do this, the Ganymedeans had to take control over the only operating spaceport on Ganymede: Galileo Spaceport
Two regiments and one company prepared to assault the ground terminal under the leadership of Cmdr. Volt
Air Support
Lambda Wing, a squadron of mercenaries hired by the Ganymedean Independence Movement, would secure air superiority.
A Risky Gamble
Team Handler would escort Halcyon to the Orbital Terminal and infiltrate the detained civilians. They were to find a sympathizer who could secure passage for Halcyon on their ship.
Double Agent
A double agent had maneuvered onto the nearby Jovian Observator. His task was to temporarily disable their tracking software.
  The Operation would, of course, be nowhere as smooth as planned. When a plan is put into motion, even the simplest actions become complicated. Friction; the accumulation of countless small things that didn't go quite as they should, can never be fully accounted for.  

Operation War Dove: Execution


42 dead and 200 injured
Humanitarian Aid Workers forced to flee
  Separatist Terrorists attack Galileo Spaceport, the main spaceport on Ganymede, killing 42 and injuring over 200. Galileo Spaceport has served as the entry point for humanitarian aid during the bloody conflicts on Ganymede. It is not yet been confirmed if any of the injured or dead are humanitarian workers.   Ganymede has been under blockade by the Jovian Orbital Guard in response to the Separatist Coup of Ganymede. The Coup followed an illegal vote in the Ganymedian Council of Nations to secede from Jovian Leadership.   Source: Jupiter Broadcast Network
  Commander A.C. Volt led two Perrian Regiments, and one Etan Company. Both divisions were locally raised in their respective countries, and veterans of the defense of the Xibalba Sulcus. These were people of all ages, strong and capable, trained through the grim reality of war rather than boot camp. Commander Volt had chosen to deputize the natural leaders to maintain good order, and help her soldiers remember what and who they were fighting for.  

Phase One: Secure the Spaceport

The initial assault was effective. Galileo Spaceport had no reason to suspect the attack. They were woefully unprepared. All the of the Spaceport's defenses were aimed towards orbit, installed primarily as defenses against pirate raids.  

Chaos in the Terminals

  In case of emergency, staff on the Orbital Terminal are directed to gather and guide the passengers to the Gateway Portals for evacuation. These portals are connected by tether to another Gateway on the Ground Terminal. A lapse in communication led to Orbital Staff evacuating civilians into an active war zone.   The consequences were brutal.

Operation War Dove: The Goal

Crucially for Operation War Dove, the Jovian Defense Guard never questioned why the Separatists attacked the Spaceport during the event. Team Handler was able to seperate from the army and proceed with infiltrating the evacuees. It wasn't long before they had secured passage for Halcyon to Mars.   Team Handler consisted both of Anstazia Halcyon's personal staff, notably her personal assistant Errata Sic, as well as a handful of people from the Independence Movement who'd shown a talent for subterfuge.

Phase Two: Air Superiority

  Lambda Wing were a group of offworld mercenaries, led by the infamous Lexi Lazarus. Belonging to a Saturnian company, most of the mercenaries in Lambda Wing were from Saturn, though a Uranian and a Belter joined them as well.   Using the Sunderer SF-1 they were easily able to secure control over the air space by outmaneuvering the handful of Jovian Cyklopes SSF-9 in the area.

Operation War Dove: Friction

So far, so good. All the disparate moving parts of Operation War Dove were able to adapt to any difficulties that came up through flexible and experienced leadership who knew to keep their eye on the prize. The final piece of the puzzle was the disabling of the Jovian surveillance. Corig Sic, a Ganymedean information scientist who had worked for the Jovian Defense Guard since before the Catamite wars, had manuevered to get himself stationed on the Jovian SWACS Ship near Galileo.   A couple irregularities in Corig's behavior had been noticed by his superior. When a request to fetch some forgotten notes from the Security Wing came in on the same day as the attack on the station, his superior confiscated his screens and placed him under room arrest.   Aboard the space terminal, Errata Sic noticed the signals were still being jammed, which meant the surveillance and tracking systems remained intact. They reported to Commander Volt, who gave Lexi Lazarus the all clear to lead his Wing up into orbit and shut the surveillance down his way.
Errata had long had a complicated relationship with his older brother. Corig was undeniably the favourite of their father, a young prodigy who had excelled from a young age. Errata's own path had been a slow and winding one, with more dead ends than he liked to think about. Corig had only ever been supportive, but the two brothers were, to put it lightly, estranged.   On the day of Operation War Dove, he received the first communication from his brother for over a decade.  
I forgive you.
— seen 14:30
The text arrived just seconds before the SWACS exploded.

Operation War Dove: Results

  The success of Operation War Dove enabled the Independence Movement to conduct a highly successful public relations operation via Anstazia Halcyon, helping turn the tide of public opinion -- particularly on Jupiter -- in the favor of the Ganymedeans. Additionally, the successful incursion into Galileo station, coupled with the defeat of the Trosian Guard by Lambda Wing and subsequent loss of a valuable SWACS asset undermined the image of Jovian space superiority and impacted Orbital Guard morale. The high casualties, including the first reported deaths of Jovian civilians and scientists as well as the scores of deaths on the Ganymedean side are likely to have contributed to the loss of appetite on both sides for continuing the conflict.   After the war, many public figures condemned Operation War Dove for endangering and killing many civilians. Those defending the operation generally argue that the only alternative was to lie down and accept death and cultural hegemony by Jupiter. The topic remains controversial, particularly due to the recent declassification of related documents.
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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
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28 Jul, 2022 14:10

This is a great article! I really love the way you've presented everything so clearly, explaining the plan with goal/objective etc with your amazing css and then go into details about what actually happen :D And also the news broadcast and message! The article is really fun and easy to read, and all characters/the two populations feel very much alive :D   I also love the importance of public relationships in the war and how people are nowadays judging it. The Sic's story was very sad =( Are relationships with Jupiter any better nowadays? I was wondering how long ago all of that happened and if the characters are still alive or if it's a new generation now.

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Sage nnie
Annie Stein
28 Jul, 2022 14:21

Thank you so much! The Catamite Wars are over, and while I haven't fully decided on the timeline yet, they finished less than five years ago. Ganymede is now nominally independent, but Jupiter still controls some of their foreign policy.   I wanted to make sure I wrote about a conflict that would be relevant to the story I'm hope to tell in Solaris. I don't know if many of the other people will feature in the comic, but you might have noticed that there's a sneaky link in the section about Lambda Wing.

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This is a great read in the way you have written it and how you have designed it. Along with this making it a battle for survival and the desperation that came with. The political aspects are thought out as well as most people tend to just write about the fighting and not the effects that they have on the parties that are involved in them.

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Thank you so much! I spent a lot of figuring out how to format this considering there's so many moving parts. I'm glad it feels well considered.

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I love this world, this article, this conflict and this formatting. Its interesting, clean, and planned ... just really a work of art. The Breaking News scroll is genius! I absolutely love this line ...

  • Friction; the accumulation of countless small things that didn't go quite as they should, can never be fully accounted for.

    Sage nnie
    Annie Stein
    28 Aug, 2022 21:28

    Thank you so much! I have to give some credit to Carl von Clausewitz, the military theorist, for that line. It's paraphrasing what he says about friction in war.

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    30 Aug, 2022 19:02

    This was such a great read. I absolutely adore all the details, from the timeline and the news broadcast, to the little story about Corig. This was such a well written article, and the content was so well thought-out. I cannot stop praising this. Nnie, you are fantastic <3

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