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The largest moon in the Solar System, Ganymede, is also one of the most populated. It is a cold moon, as much rock as it is ice. Permafrost makes agriculture hard on Ganymede, which to this day relies heavily on herds, fishing, and hunting. Lately Ganymede has gained notoriety as a major player in the Catamite Wars.  

Inner Ocean

Under the crust of Ganymede is a gargantuan subsurface ocean. It is one of the largest oceans in Sol, but only naturally accessible through caves. Submarines and teams of oceanic nymphs have been sent to explore the depths. They describe a dark labyrinthe of underwater ice caverns. A few native species have been brought up for study, most of them pale, blind, and bloated from the difference in pressure.   Two explorers were lost on one mission, where they encountered what they described as 'all teeth, and hunting us for fun'. Another mission was terminated after one scientist was overwhelmed by the smell of blood upon the reopening of a cavern.

The Catamite Wars

The nations of Ganymede come together to vote on lunar matters in the Ganymedean Council of Nations. The Council drew Interplanetary attention when the Independence Vote of 220017 turned the simmering hostilities between the Jovian Moons and Jupiter into outright conflict.   With Jupiter's blessing, Ganymedes' nations gathered to vote on whether the moon should formally and legally secede from Jupiter. Mysia vetoed the motion for the vote. Hoping to stop it dead in the tracks, Mysia instead found themselves sparking rebellion when the other nations decided to ignore the veto and vote anyways. Radicalized by what was seen as a blatant attempt to stop the procession of democracy by Jupiter, the vote was unanimous: Ganymede would be independent.

Notable Nations of Ganymede

Galileon, the largest nation on Ganymede.   Etana, the north pole manufacturing capital.   Perrine, by the Niveneh Sea, famous for it's canneries.   Mysia, a small but very wealthy country, well known for its deep ties to Jupiter.

Catamite Wars
Military Conflict | Dec 12, 2023

The Catamite Wars were a series of conflicts over lunar independence in the Jovian system, encompassing the uprisings and rebellions on Jupiter's moons triggered by the Io miners' strike, as well as the war between Ganymede separationists and Jupiter.

That wasn't how things turned out. Instead of acceptance they were met with sanctions, and eventually an invasion of Ganymede. The war was long, bitter, and indecisive, leading to staggering losses of life and infrastructure. It has, however, underscored the need for Ganymedean solidarity and closer ties between nations.   Mysia remains the elephant in the room. It technically did not surrender, but it was excluded from reconstruction treaties due to its perceived betrayal of Ganymede. Some believe that true peace can only come from reintegrating Mysia, but it is a difficult pill to swallow.

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Dec 16, 2023 21:50 by Mochi

Oooooo, the cave oceans sound fun. I'd love to know what kind of critters are found there!

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Dec 17, 2023 22:04 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Cave oceans sound terrifying. Oceans and caves are both scary on their own and you've put them together!   Maybe Mysia should do a heckin' apology.

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They could've spared themselves a lot of grief that way. I think Mysia is way too proud though.

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Dec 21, 2023 18:10 by Rin Garnett

Was Mysia's veto something voted on by Mysian populace, or otherwise seen favorably by those who live there? Or was it decided upon by the leader(s) of the country regardless of what the populace wanted?

Dec 21, 2023 19:34 by Annie Stein

It was decided by the leaders, there wouldn't have been time to do a public vote. Mysia's population leans very pro-Jupiter in general and would've likely supported it, but since failed so miserably and publically most will probably say they had concerns etc, just, you know, they're saying that with a heavy helping of hindsight bias.

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Jan 24, 2024 21:14 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

Not a good look on Jupiter to allow the vote only to go to war once it doesn't like the results...   And I concur on these mysterious cave! Sounds an amazing place to have some terrifying creatures (or at least myths about them XD)

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No, not a good look at all. But it's one of those complex political situations where they cannot allow for the rest of the planet to override the veto of Mysia either. I feel like Jupiter would rather seem trigger happy than weak.   The Solar System has so many cool places I'd love to expand on at some point!

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Thank you! It was nice to get to show some of the other sides of Ganymede as well. It's a really interesting moon!

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