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Patricians are full citizens of Jupiter, the only people allowed to hold certain public offices such as Senator or Govenor. Only Patricians are allowed to own land on the planet of Jupiter. Patricanship is usually a matter of birth, inherited through the male line. Once each generation, the rank may be bestowed upon a non-Patrician father and his older sons should one of his daughters ascend as Keystone.

More Equal Than Others

The Patricians and their families are known as the patriciate. Many of the legal rights and privileges of the Patrician extend to his family, even after his death. Though without a living Patrician to navigate the systems, it can be hard to secure those rights.   Only the oldest son of a Patrician is guaranteed the status of Patrician, while younger sons have to pay a recurring fee to maintain their Patrician status. The oldest son or the family can apply for the status to be transferred to another son should he not be deemed suitable for the task.

Lunar Patricians

Each year, while there is most one Jovian family, up to four lunar families may be exalted to the patriciate. There has always been handwringing about how the Lunar patriciate will one day outnumber the Jovian. At times it has, but the Lunar patriciate has barely had a modicum of the power of the deeply entrenched planetside patriciate.   While Lunar Patricians are legally allowed to buy land on Jupiter, they hardly ever find themselves with the opportunity to do so.

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Hero Worship

Notable Patricians, especially the fathers of Holy Daughters, were once revered in the Imperial Cult. Patricians were consider to embody the ideal of the Father, guiding not just his family but all of Jupiter. Many of the sculptures and monuments on Jupiter were risen to worship these men, and to this day people will leave sacrifices and gifts at the feet of these historical Patricians, albeit for "good luck" or "tradition".

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Dec 17, 2023 23:42 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I'm really enjoying learning more about the politics of Jupiter. Eugh, though. Jupiter kind of sucks.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 18, 2023 10:01 by Annie Stein

Yeah, they're very stuck in the past.

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!
Dec 21, 2023 18:16 by Rin Garnett

There's something about younger sons having to pay a recurring fee to continue being a Patrician that's hilarious to me.

Dec 21, 2023 19:40 by Annie Stein

It's how some historical patriciate systems have worked! I think in Jupiter it's seen as like, oh, a 'nominal' fee that. Any real Patrician could afford that with no trouble, and you're a "real" Patrician, right? It might seem a bit silly, but real function of fees like that is to prevent the patriciate from being overextended, especially by "lesser" families who can't maintain the class markers.

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!
Feb 24, 2024 01:49 by Aster Blackwell

Ooooh that's so interesting and devious!

Jan 5, 2024 01:05 by Scarlet Spitfire

I never thought about the title of citizenship would be, well, a title. Although they may be a little old fashioned (not necessarily in a good way), Patricians seem like a really cool addition to your world! It is a little unclear who gets the title, like is it every member of the family that gets the title or is it just the head of the household? Other than that, Patricians are very well thought out!

Jan 5, 2024 09:36 by Annie Stein

Oh, it's super old-fashioned! It's very much inspired by the patricianship system of anicent Rome.   Only men can be Patricians, and only the eldest son of a Patrician automatically inherits the rank. Younger sons can pay a fee to become Patricians as well, but have to keep paying yearly to maintain it. The rest of the family of a Patrician is known as the patriciate. They have some extra rights and privileges, but they're not full citizens in their own right.   Thanks for letting me know I needed to make that more clear! I'll be able to edit that in once the judging period is over.

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!
Jan 24, 2024 21:41 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

I always love Jupiter. They're my favourite with Saturn. I love to see this Roman-style patriciate system, and I love the idea of the keystone father being worshipped - rather than the keystones themselves :p

Jan 25, 2024 12:12 by Annie Stein

Thank you! I think it's a really interesting planet too. It comes with so many neat conflicts already set up that the stories almost write themselves!

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!
Feb 24, 2024 01:48 by Aster Blackwell

My blood pressure went up just reading about this system.

Mar 8, 2024 11:52 by Annie Stein

Yeah, Jupiter is pretty backwards by our standards. Hell, it's backwards by the standards of most people in the setting too, even Jovians would agree. But they'd probably all have different ideas of what parts are thoroughly unfair, and what parts are important cultural values, likely related to which ones they benefit from.

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!