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Jelly Buddy

Welcome to Solaris, traveller! This is a slower-than-light science fantasy set in our own solar system.
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As a transition from toddlerhood to childhood, Martian children are expected to run their first errand by themselves. It is a taste of adult indepedendence, self-reliance and responsiblity. In modern times with modern dangers, many parents make sure their children are accompanied by a Jelly Buddy, just in case.   Jelly Buddies are popular childrens toys, especially for young explorers. The very first Jelly Buddies were simple chew-safe squishy tablets, but they've evolved into companion drones. Modern Jelly Buddies can fly on their own, but are most commonly found squished in a young kids arms. The most coveted Jelly Buddies are the transparent ones with charms suspended in the rubber, and the collectible ones depicting popular characters.   Parents enjoy the safety features. The best known is the navigation system that helps their child find their way around town, to locate the nearest available bathroom, and the safest and quickest way home. While the Jelly Buddies have a synthetic voice box to assist with navigation, a Jelly Buddy mostly sticks to a set of a couple hundred prerecorded responses. A parent and child can also video call using the screen on the Jelly Buddy's tummy.
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