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Aessa Aemili

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Holy Daughter Aessa was first announced to the world as the seventh son of the Aemili family. When she ascended as Holy Daughter and Keystone of Jupiter, she was reintroduced to the world as Aessa, first daughter of the Aemili. She is the first known transgender Holy Daughter.  

Early Life

She was born into the patriciate. As a young child Aessa was shy around strangers, but eager to please her family. She looked up to her father, a Senator, and would often tail his robes. She was interested in statecraft from a young age, and her family hoped that she would follow in her fathers footsteps. Although she did well academically, her school records note an antisocial tendency.   As a young adult Aessa showed a great interest in sports, martial arts, and a talent for running. Her biographers describe this period of her life as a quest to fulfill and excel at the expectations of a young man. She went to an all male college, and was very lonely, struggling to relate to her peers.  
During her attendance the college was plagued with disaster. Frequent tremors weakened the integrity of the schools foundations. Aessa's newfound powers became obvious when she was found in the midst of a blazing wildfire, which quelled when her favourite professor was able to calm her.   She began her transition shortly after. Early biographies claim that her family renounced her and she was disinherited, but later biographies say this was unfounded speculation, and that her family has always stood by her.

As Keystone

Aessa's ascension was met with mixed reactions and confusion. With her rise came an increased interest in the scholarship regarding Keystones and gender. Many historical Keystones were revisited with this new lense, examining their relationship to gender and sexuality.   As Holy Daughter, she has gained the epithet Eye of the Storm for her calmness during disaster. Anonymous voices claiming to be officials within the Triune Temple claim that she is obstinate and hard to work with. Other more official accounts praise her faith and dedication to her work.  
Holy Daughter of Jupiter
Rank/Title | Dec 30, 2023

Holy Daughter of Jupiter is a title and role bestowed upon the Jovian Keystone. The Holy Daughter is the spiritual leader of Jupiter, as the head of the Triune Temple and patroness of the Imperial Cult.

Despite being an unpopular figure among the Jovian Moons for her actions during the Catamite Wars, she is well regarded by the Lunar Keystones. They say that they felt genuinely heard and comforted by her, and that they believe the cause for lunar independence has an ally in the Holy City. She has visited post-war Ganymede, meeting with her Keystone as well as conducting memorial services in Mysia and Galileon, advocating for peace and forgiveness.

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Dec 22, 2023 16:14

Ooo interesting. So Keystone is related to the person's gender than biological sex. Intriguing.

Dec 22, 2023 16:39 by Annie Stein

Indeed! I think I mentioned it in the Keystone article, but I thought the best way to show it was to have at least one of the current keystones be trans.

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!
Dec 22, 2023 22:14 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love this. I love her. <3   Despite the Catamite Wars.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 23, 2023 09:25 by Annie Stein

I love her too. It's impossible to say what difference the lunar keystones might've made, but it's possible it was for the better that they weren't involved.

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!
Dec 25, 2023 18:02

God. School's difficult enough *without* getting outed by magic powers...   As a side note, is Aessa a Daphnae, Human or Minos?

Dec 25, 2023 18:53 by Annie Stein

Gosh, right?   Aessa is daphnae, the species field should pop up once I finish writing that article!

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!
Jan 24, 2024 21:57 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

I really love how you've considered the question of gender here <3 As well as all the in-world reactions and confusions at the question.   I'm curious about the timing of the biography. When you say "later biographies", this made me think that it was a few generation later, but Aessa is cotemporary since she fought during the war, so it's too recent for people to conveniently be able to forget her family's reaction and rewrite history. Did they maybe change their mind and pretended to have been supportive all along? And did she react to that?

Jan 25, 2024 12:33 by Annie Stein

Thank you! I think the best way to answer worldbuilding questions is in universe!   There's multiple biographies and biopics. With keystones, you can basically assume a handful of books start production as soon as people know who's ascending. With a *lot* of literature coming about about a single topic, even if it is a person, the discussion evolves pretty quickly, and vary a lot on who/what they use as sources. Especially with Aessa being extra notable as a trans keystone, there's been even more scholarship and public debate. And more people coming in with their own assumptions of what a trans person experiences.   If a renouncement and disinheritance happened, it would've had to have been in private. There's no public record of that, and the only confirmations of it happening are from distant family members and alleged "sources close to the keystone". It's possible the family is trying to change the narrative, but it seems equally likely that early (and poorly researched) biographies were just assuming there was.

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!