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Questing Party

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Presentation of the Question Party, the elite group set up by the King to save the kingdom. The people with whom I've spent 7 years while in the fantasy world. My supposed friends. All terrible betrayers, the lot of them!!!
— Isabelle


Isabelle is a young French woman who was brought through a magical portal to Sérannie, hit with translation magic, and told to help the Séranniens beat their Dark Lord. Only, once the questing party triumphed, she was forced back to the normal world. She is rather bitter about that.
  While looking for a way to go back, she writes journal entries about her time in Sérannie to not forget what happened and to prepare for her return, illustrating her notebook by sticking postits with emojis scribbles, drawing, or printing photos.

The Party

The Questing Party is the name of the group gathered by the King to defeat the Dark Lord.   Its members were:
  • Princess Jérine, the heiress to the throne and leader of the group;
  • Prince Calendre, the king's second child and my boyfriend;
  • Master Lurose, a noble who is the head of the royal mage and member of the ruling council of the Academy of Mages;
  • Tollène, the head of the royal guards;
  • Samane, a noble, member of the academy of Mages;
  • Alanie, a noble, member of the academy of Mages;
  • Ralon, a noble, royal guard;
  • Mirie, a noble royal guard;
  • Romain, my best friend, a commoner, and the Chosen One designed by the prophecy as having the ability to wield a legendary weapon capable of going through any shield and thus of killing the Dark Lord;
  • me, Isabelle Lafontaine, a foreigner from another world and so able to see through the Dark Lord's taboo Illusion magic to tell Romain where to hit.
Questing Party
The questing party that has defeated the Dark Lord

The Quest

Our quest lasted 7 years, during which we travelled disguised as humble commoners in the south of the kingdom. The whole region was being devastated by the war, as the Dark Lord's army was fighting against the royal army and conquering stronghold after stronghold in slow progress towards the capital.   The role of the Questing Party was to stay separate from the royal army, go beyond the front line of the battle, and infiltrate the conquered territories. There, we had to gather information about our enemies and attempt to formulate a plan that would get us close enough to the Dark Lord to kill him.
Kingdom of Sérannie
The Kingdom of Sérannie drawn by Isabelle based on the information she has learnt during her time in the fantasy world.


We ended up succeeding and defeating the Dark Lord, all thanks to me.
When we came back to the capital, a big celebration welcomed us, with Jérine and Romain even getting married at its height, and we were all lauded as national heroes and drown in honours. All, that is, but me. They betrayed me and forced me back to the normal world, getting rid of me like a used sock!!!
  But they are delusional if they think I will behave like any Sérannian commoners, accepting humbly the judgment of their so-called superiors. I will go back to Sérannie, whatever the means I need to use to do so, and wrench from the hands of the king himself the honours that are my due!


Revenge by AmélieIS with images from Pixabay and Vecteezy


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