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Base Camp: Qur

Ichor Extraction Camp

We've got about an hour before sunset, at which point Qur's cycle of destruction begins, so move your ass and lets get back to base.
— Foreman Miandelsen
  The collection of Ichor is exceedingly dangerous; the God-husks it's taken from are 400m+ tall titanic beings that can crush settlements with mere footsteps, and the Ichor itself can cause monstrous mutations in wildlife creating Rendlings.   Still, this blood drawn from the veins of the God-husks is exceptionally useful; it's at the core of humanity's greatest living weapons, and most cutting edge science -- Catalurgy. In spite of the dangers, Ichor is extracted all across the globe, with base camps set up at every God-husk to facilitate the industry. These camps are set up by the premier companies in Ichor extraction, often as contracts handed out by governments, military, or multinational scientific conglomerates.  

Camp Construction

Ichor Extraction base camps can come in a variety of forms; the one located near Qur comes in a hybrid form that a few other God-husk camps have as well. It has one larger, more permanent camp, an assumed safe distance away from Qur -- as well as a more mobile day camp that is packed up and repositioned as needed. This hybrid camp is run by Amy & Amee's: Worldwide Ichor Co., the largest of all Ichor extraction companies.  
Say what you will about this place, but count yourself lucky you're not out drawin' blood from Avartarian.
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— Qur Extractionist

Base Camp

The main permanent settlement near Qur is called Base Camp. This is where sleeping quarters, mess halls, storage facilities and other amenities are constructed to support a large base of workers. Living so near to a wandering God-husk is dangerous, as is handling Ichor; thus the Legion generally contracts out a small squad, or even a platoon, of Legionnaires that work to defend the camp.  

Extraction Point

The location of extraction is built of extremely lightweight, quick to assemble structures that resemble scaffolding. The main goal of these structures is to remain standing until Qur walks by, or crashes into them -- where the workers can hop onto his legs and begin the extraction. There are also usually basic tents included to provide a semblance of shelter while waiting for Qur to make his way towards the temporary camp.   After the Ichor has been drawn from Qur, the lightweight scaffolding and tents are abandoned -- as they've likely been smashed to bits by Qur anyways.
Camp, Temporary

Roughly 1,000


Keeping a camp of this many workers fed, happy, and entertained during the down hours is a task of God-husk proportions in its own right. To be able to handle that many workers, a nearly equal amount of cooks, cleaners, guards and more must also be hired to maintain the camp.  

Side Hustle

At Qur's base camp, and at many other similar camps at other God-husks, some workers run a side business as Danger-Tourism guides. These guided excursions are always sanctioned by the company that owns and runs the base camp, usually at a significant cut of the profits, but it allows for many workers to add some variety to their dangerous and life-threatening work routine.  
Whether I'm out drawin blood, or showin folks a good time, there's only one way you're getting me in front of Qur -- that being a large paycheck.
— Base Camp Worker

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That's an interesting process they use to get on top of Qur :p Do they do that daily or less often? Do the injury on the god-husks heal or do they keep bleeding from the places where they extract the blood? for that matter, do the blood regenerate or will they run out of it one day far in the future?

Aug 5, 2021 16:28 by Stormbril

Probably less often than daily, as it's very dependent on where Qur is and where he's traveling at the time! Though the head corporation probably pushes for as many extractions as possible.   The injuries seem to usually heal fairly quickly, and the Ichor always regenerates -- as far as scientists can tell, at least.

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