Night Industries

Night Industries was founded in 1999 by Jackson Kennington and Finjhin Collins. The venture was funded by Fin's husband, Marcus, after the sale of Marcus's homestead in Ireland and Jack after his inheritance was released following his aquittal in the murder of his family.    The business was intended to ground the men into the every day world, giving them distance from the evils they had dealt with in the past. Through numerous buyouts of smaller companies, Night Industries grew to be a powerhouse in the business world in record time.    Their interesting extend into medical research, shipping, manufacturing, clothing design, and entertainment with many other holdings smaller holdings in technology research and development.     When Night Tower was built, the lower tower was leased to Claudia Preisner for her Glowyrm nightclub. While Glowyrm is not under direct operation of Night Industries, they have invested heavily in the club, resulting in a large amount of influence within those walls as well.    While Night Industries has numerous assets around the globe, their most notable is Night Tower in New York City. The record setting skyscraper houses the bulk of their business offices as well as the Glowyrm nightclub. The building includes several stories of shopping, condominiums, and office spaces.    The focus of the business altered slightly when Marcus was forced to step into the city's vampire politics. With no choice but to acknowledge the world they were trying to leave behind, Night Industries expanded into weapons research with a special sub-department dedicated to weaponry used on supernatural beings. A portion of the science and medical work has also been dedicated to classified research.     Night Industries is privately run with a board of directors answering directly to Jack and Finjhin as well as a being constantly monitored by an ethics committee.


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