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The Transportation Guilds of Sagadorm

Throughout the years of merchants spreading their wares and goods across the oceans and lands of saga dorm a collection of unions have formed in an effort to protect their near monopolistic hold on shipping across the world.  


Haulers is the name of the group of people, and also the profession, of those who transport goods by land.   Haulers began as wagonneers who used large beasts of burden to pull goods between towns. As technology improved, they were able to transport more and more between the towns. The eventual discovery of steam power and the internal combustion engine, and their application to rivers and land travel revolutionized the shipping industry and made it cheaper and more efficient to haul large items for short distances. And as the years continue on, longer distances became available for shipment. While there was longer shipping available, it was rare to see shipment skip over towns. A package would go from town to town to town, being handed off between all of the haulers until it eventually reached its destination city. A package that could not wait for that long city to city transport, could be placed in a specially commissioned hauler.  

Sea Haulers:

As large boats became available to transport goods between countries, the haulers also expanded into providing these boats for the goods. Much like their landlocked counterparts, the sea haulers focus primarily on the ocean. Thanks to the usage of fairy magic, the sea haulers are able to coordinate their efforts across the globe the union for see haulers is quite strong and organizes all of the activities. While they do not care for independent captains from transporting goods of the sea they limit their tolerance to those jobs that are small enough for them.  


Shoreman are the men between the haulers and see haulers. The haulers will bring the items to be shipped to the docks where the Charmin will take them from the wagons to the boats. Conversely the shore been will unload all of the equipment from off of the boats and on to the vehicles waiting to transport them away. The shore men are also responsible for the securing of the packages in where houses or the similar while the schedules of arrivals and departures do not match up.  

Illicit trade:

As with any criminal underground, they have strived to infiltrate the haulers in the shore men to be able to include their products "off the books." While some are trying to escape the reaches of the law, others are trying to escape terrifs that are placed on the products that are being transported across the wrold
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