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Alrunus Mining Guild

Nothing ever good has happened with those Alrun's show up to satisfy their greed. - Concerned Villager


Born of Greed

  The House Alrunus was nothing special in the Vatian Empire empire as they held little power or influence amongst the nobles of the empire since there found fifty years ago for their services to the empire. It was from here that began to try and change that with what little money they had. Many of these plans would fail as they were not capable of achieving the goals they wanted. It was with one last effort that they tried to change all of that by trying to build a road system through the hills that surrounding their lands to promote trade. But it seemed to find something more valuable during their construction efforts, a gold deposit and very large on from that. It was from here that their status changed from nobodies to some of the wealthiest houses in the empire. It was from here that the Alrunus Mining Guild was formed to expand their operations in mining for resources and they slowly expanded to many more deposits of many kinds in their region. Soon enough the guild would expand to many parts of the empire and would become one of the largest mining operation ever built as they reliability and the ability to harvest minerals were second to none due to their advancements in mining machinery and mineral finds. The guild itself would be still under House Alrunus though and had to follow their rules to continue operations. It was a one-point that the guild had control over thirty percent of all mining operations in the empire at the high of their power. Often through sabotage and the exploitation of smaller mining guilds across the land. This of course was halted by the Imperial Senate as it was seen to be too powerful and they were to halt their production, they could potentially hold the empire's resources hostage and devastate the economy if they disagreed with any policies the empire placed on them. It was from here the guild would hold mines that they opened themselves and only hold a certain amount of them and only when one of them dried up could they open a new one. None the less they are still considered a power to reckon with the number of resources they bring in every year  

Exploiting Other

  The guild has never had trouble in crushing anyone that got in their way of profits nor do they care about using them either for their own ends. It has been well known that the guild has used its influence to push people off their land if they had resource deposits near them and were not willing to sell the land or allow them to work on it. Often resorting to fear tactics, blackmail, or murder from time to time. Those who do agree only get the short as they will only be given a smaller amount of money more than the wealth of the deposit is actually worth or forced off their land if they become too troublesome. Only those who have a state in the guild will often become wealthy in the end. Their labor force does not get any better treatment either as most of it is made up of Slave that are used as cheap labor and are often expandable as more can be bought. Those who are often hired to work in the mines are often the poor or secondary citizens that are give poor pay. Often being forced to work in terrible conditions with little protect for their safety. Their operations often put them at risk as well as cave ins or accidents can be common in conditions such as these. With deaths often being common in their mines as it has taken the lives of thousands in the past few centuries alone. With it being said that the bodies of the dead are often thrown down one of the abandoned mining shafts so their work can continue without delay. Much of the empire looks the other way as they as they only care that production is kept moving and care little for those who are considered inferior in their society. Allowing them to continue their brutality all in the name of profit and expoitation.

In Search of Wealth

Founding Date
629 CA
Corporation, Mining/Resources
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