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Chariot's Merchants

Thaur Island
The story of the biggest merchant & hunter company of City of Birdland predates both the person and the activity that names it today.   Chariot's Merchants started with Chariot's mother, Marrow, whom set a family business of meats and leathers sourced from the Delta of Many Birds, under the name Marrow's Hunters, in the Kingdom of Merthiorn.
Soon enough the business grew enough to start employing people outside the family as additional hunters and tanners, and eventually, they grew big enough to start exporting their meats to other towns and even other islands, for which they got some small merchant ships.  

Chariot's business

Marrow taught Chariot how to manage the employees and slowly granted her son more and more of the lead of the business.   By the year 3010 E.Alz Naelin started helping Marrow's hunters as an apprentice, and two years later he was already working full time with a close relationship with Chariot.   At this point, Chariot was managing almost the entirety of the business with his mother running only the books, and his family were one of the wealthiest in the city of Birdland.   Marrow's fleet grew with the addition of a massive ship called Brutal, which started shifting the focus of the business from hunting to trading.

The Rust

During 3014 E.Alz, the High Rust hit the archipelago affecting everything that stood too far from the floor with a condition known as Rust.
As it was traditional for rich families, Chariot's family lived at that time in a tower-like manor in the upper end of the city and were greatly affected.   Marrow died of rust within weeks, and Chariot was affected on all of his body, albeit only superficially.
Though Chariot survived the rust, he spent several months recovering from his wounds and was left hairless and covered by patches of scaly sensitive skin.

The raise of the Kingdom of Thaur

During the time Chariot spent recovering, the business kept running at the hand of his most trusted employees who kept hunting and trading on his absence.   By the first month of the year 1 E.Ru, a month after the fall of the Kingdom of Merthiorn, Naelin came back of one of the trips to other islands carrying a tetsu cub he called Dinner. This act eventually turned his life around making the tetsu the symbol of power the ex-Merthiornites took for themselves, and making him the king of the newly formed Kingdom of Thaur.   Chariot went back to work, keeping a close friendship to the new king. His business grew and shifted more and more towards trading as his small fleet grew to fill the market left by less fortunate merchants, and as the relocation of the capital to Birdland beneffited their ecconomy immensily.   By year 2 E.Ru, the business was renamed Chariot's Merchants, and their ship Brutal started representing the new kingdom in the Arrival of the Merchants, the yearly trading festival of the archipelago.
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Notable Members
Character | Dec 5, 2021

Owner of Chariot's Merchants, the biggest surviving merchant group in Thaur

Vehicle | Nov 22, 2022

Urca (barco mercante y de defensa) en poder del Reino de Tháur

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