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Owner of Chariot's Merchants, the biggest surviving merchant group in Thaur

Chariot of Birdland

Mostly covered to protect his blistered skin from the sun, and limping due to a damaged foot, Chariot is one of the few wealthy citizens of the fallen Kingdom of Merthiorn to have survived The High Rust, not without paying a price.   This jovial societarian of dog phenotype used to be a handsome, bulky man with a bright white coat and a short thin tail, both characteristics that he lost to the Rust which covered all of his skin with dry orange blisters.
Miraculously, only his tail and a small bit of his left leg were eaten deep enough to be lost to the disease, and he survived the active period of it.
He was, however, left with a permanently damaged body: Over the years after the High Rust, the scabs slowly faded in most of his body, but his skin was left sensitive and scarred in a bright reddish colour.  


Thaur Island
Chariot was born in Birdland, then a town and part of the Kingdom of Merthiorn.
He was the son of Marrow, owner of a family business of meats and leathers under the name of Marrow's Hunters, which sourced their products from the neighbouring Delta of Many Birds.  

Running the family's business

Marrow's Hunters grew with external employees as he learned how to run it from an early age.
They started a small fleet of ships to trade their products, which, through time, shifted the focus of the company from hunting to trading goods.  

The Rust

When the High Rust came in 3014 E.Alz, Chariot's family was one of the wealthiest of the kingdom, and as such lived in a tall tower-like manor in the highest area of the rapidly growing town of Birdland. As the rust affected anything that spent too much time too far from floor level, their tower and its inhabitants were quickly and gravely affected by the corrosion this condition caused.
Marrow died within weeks, and Chariot had to spend entire months recovering from his engulfing and painful patches of corroded skin.  

Allegiance to the New Kingdom

Shield of Thaur
Shield of Thaur by Naelin
As Chariot recovered, the business continued working, being run by their most trusted employees.   In one of the trading voyages that they made just a month after the death of the kingdom's Queen, one of the employees by the name of Naelin returned home carrying a tamed cub of tetsu, the most feared and dangerous creature in the archipelago.   This event eventually led to the rise of Merthiorn's successor, the Kingdom of Thaur.
As the new king had a close relationship with Chariot, the latter quickly pledged allegiance to him and, as an act of endorsement, he put his flagship, Brutal, at the disposition of the new kingdom.   Marrow's Hunters was renamed as Chariot's Merchants on the year 2 E.Ru, and continues running to this day with Brutal representing the Kingdom of Thaur during the Arrival of the Merchants every year.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Lawful Good
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Originally white, almost none remaining
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