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Anubain Trading Consortium

Inspired By World Anvil Summer Camp 2021: "A Large Business, Corporation or Trade Guild"

The Anubain Trading Consortium is a powerful and influential organization that controls the production and distribution of Anubian Crystal, a rare and valuable crystal found only in the Deadlands. The consortium is made up of a group of powerful merchants, miners, and craftsmen who have banded together to exploit the unique properties of the crystal.   The consortium is responsible for extracting the crystal from the Deadlands and bringing it back to Glow City, where it is cut and processed into a variety of different forms. The resulting products are used for everything from street lights and lightning rods to armor and weapons, and the consortium controls the entire supply chain from start to finish.   In addition to its commercial operations, the Anubain Trading Consortium also wields significant political power within Glow City. It has strong ties to the Alton Shadow Council and other powerful organizations in the city, and it is known to use its influence to shape policy and protect its interests.  


The Anubain Trading Consortium is organized into several different departments that work together to manage the various aspects of the Anubian Crystal trade. The organization structure is as follows:
  • The Executive Board is the highest level of the consortium, and it is made up of the most powerful and influential members of the organization. They are responsible for setting the overall strategy and direction of the consortium and making major decisions such as approving new projects or partnerships.
  • The mining and Extraction Department is responsible for finding and extracting Anubian Crystal from the Deadlands. They work closely with the Research and Development Department to identify new sources of the crystal and to develop new techniques for extracting it.
  • The Processing and Manufacturing Department is responsible for cutting and processing the Anubian Crystal into a variety of different forms. They work closely with the Sales and Marketing Department to develop new products and to promote existing ones.
  • The Sales and Marketing Department is responsible for promoting the consortium's products and services and for negotiating deals with customers and partners. They work closely with the Processing and Manufacturing Department to ensure that the products are of the highest quality and to identify new markets for the consortium's products.
  • The Research and Development Department is responsible for developing new technologies and techniques for extracting and processing Anubian Crystal, as well as for researching new uses for the crystal. They work closely with the Mining and Extraction Department to ensure that the consortium is always at the cutting edge of the industry.
  • The Finance and Administration Department is responsible for managing the consortium's finances and for handling administrative tasks such as payroll and record-keeping. They work closely with the Executive Board to ensure that the consortium's operations are financially sustainable.
  • The Legal and Regulatory Affairs Department is responsible for ensuring that the consortium's operations comply with all relevant laws and regulations, and for protecting the consortium's interests in legal and regulatory matters.


The culture of the Anubain Trading Consortium is focused on innovation, efficiency, and profitability. The consortium values its ability to find and extract Anubian Crystal from the Deadlands and turn it into valuable products and services.   The employees are driven and results-oriented, with a strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. They are encouraged to be creative and think outside the box in order to find new ways to extract, process, and use the Anubian Crystal.   The leadership of the consortium is highly ambitious and strategic, constantly seeking new opportunities to expand the organization's reach and influence. They are always looking for ways to improve the consortium's operations, whether it's through new partnerships, cutting-edge technology, or creative marketing campaigns.   The consortium is also very concerned with safety, being that the Deadlands can be dangerous, employees are trained in safety procedures and are provided with the necessary equipment to perform their tasks safely.   The consortium's culture is also heavily based on the idea of progress and modernization, always looking for new ways to improve the quality of its products and services in order to stay competitive in the market and gain a competitive advantage.    


The Anubain Trading Consortium has its roots in the year 4567, when a group of ambitious prospectors and entrepreneurs discovered Anubian Crystal in the Deadlands, a radioactive wasteland created by a devastating explosion many centuries ago. The crystal was unique in that it emitted magical energy and also attracted lightning bolts, which increased its luminescence.   At first, the crystal was extracted in small quantities and used primarily for jewelry and small trinkets, but as demand grew and extraction methods improved, the consortium began to focus on finding new uses for the crystal. They found that it could be used to make a variety of products, from lightbulbs to lightning rods to magical items.   Over time, the consortium grew in size and influence, becoming one of the most powerful organizations in Glow City. They formed partnerships with other guilds and businesses, and even the government, to help them extract and process more crystal.   The consortium also began to invest in research and development, looking for new ways to use Anubian Crystal. They discovered that it could be used to make a variety of industrial products, such as armor and weapons, and even found a way to turn it into glass, which was stronger than steel.   As their influence and wealth grew, the consortium became a major player in the city's economy and politics, and they were able to exert significant influence over the city's development. However, despite their success, the consortium's actions were not always popular, as some citizens and other guilds saw them as ruthless and greedy.
Base of Operations: Glow City 
Leader(s): (TBD)
Formed: (TBD)
Enemies: (TBD)
Allies: (TBD)

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