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Sell-Sword Sanctuaries

The Sell-Swords is a group of mercenaries and adventurers who work in operations located in the Southern Areas of Elfar and across the South West of Aitso. They were founded by a group of 3 adventurers who had put an end to a demonic surge in Tortvain. They ended up with a sum of GP, and with this money, they had set up a small base on a coastal town in the south of Elfar. These 3 adventurers had managed to convince other adventuring guilds to join their own, and soon, these adventurers were in more control and power that they could've dreamed of before.   It was set up after the defeat of an Avatar of Krampus . The 3 adventurers had saved another group who had swore allegiance. These 3 people had became the first Level 5 members of the Sell-Sword Sanctuaries. The other group had swore to become the first proper Sell-Swords, and made quite an impact on the business.


The Structure of the Organisation is dismantled into 5 levels of power, starting with the 1st level, and growing to it's most powerful scale of levelling:   Level 1 - Contractor Employees - The first level in the Structure, Contractors are made to create contracts and gigs for higher up employees to carry out. These can be assassinations, monster clean-ups, and defending higher ups. They often spend their days in the many rooms of the Sanctuary's HQ. The Contractors can also be Merchants, Dealers, Medics, and Cartographers.   Level 2 - Guardians of the Sanctuary - If a Contractor wishes to become a worthy Sell-Sword, they must firstly carry out the work of a Guardian. The Guardian's job is to make sure no disruptions are made to the Sanctuary, and to also defend the Coast from monsters, pirates, and criminals from Casshire Island.   Level 3 - Sell Swords - If a Guardian passes their training, then they advance to the most well known rank of being a Sell-Sword. Sell-Swords are open to any contract and are given commission as a payment for their jobs. They are often split into adventuring parties to get jobs done quickly, with some of these parties even combining together to form Raid Squadrons. Sell Swords are also given whatever loot they find in their travels, or can sell it to the Sanctuary for a large sum of money.   Level 4 - Director of the Raiders - In the largest Adventuring Parties, there is often a Director. Their main goal is to keep the Sell-Swords in line. They are seen as ambassadors if they are doing contracts that are away from their usual areas. On many occasions, these Directors are given the most powerful loot to charge themselves and their allies into battle.   Level 5 - Greater Director/Supreme Holders - The highest members of the Sell Swords are the most powerful, they have control over raids, and if they do business in other areas. They can override Contracts, and have, on many different occasions, have intervened with a contract by either doing it themselves, or stopping whoever issued the contract.


The Most Common Assets that the Sanctuary has is; 1000 GP per Person, Weekly.  250 Active Sell-Swords 14 Directors 5 Supreme Holders 7 Different Melee Weapons for Each Person, with 3 ranged. 1 HQ 3 Forts 12 Ships 100 Horses 1 Dun

I'r Dant olaf

Founding Date
23 FL
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Alternative Names
'The Muscle' , Lawless Sell-Swords
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Official Languages
Related Traditions
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities


There is a distaste between the two groups, as the new formation of the Silvergarde, before, has had to work with the Sell Swords and had feuds sparked between the two.

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