Titanbreaker Guild

The Titanbreaker Guild is one of the most powerful institutions in Gelethis. They are almost a law unto themselves because of the influence they wield. Even the Exarchy and Đugrykkölla act with deference where the Titanbreaker Guild is concerned.
  Though such a powerful organization is antithetical to the ethos of the Exarchy, the Titanbreaker Guild is suffered to live because it is the only institution with the expertise required to create equipment from greater titanspawn. The Titanbreaker Guild handles everything from the tracking of greater titanspawn to the hunting, rendering of the corpse, and manufacture of gear from the harvested parts. As a result, it is the only private entity in Gelethis that possesses a fighting force strong enough to stand toe-to-toe with the Gelethian Runeguard.
  At this point in time, the Titanbreaker Guild is too powerful for the Exarchy to control. Any attempts to force the guild's hands are likely to end in civil war, and the guild keeps enough secrets it's uncertain which side will win in the event such a war does transpire. As such, the best the Exarchy can do is pursue token gestures of deference from the guild. So far, the Titanbreaker Guild has been willing to display such gestures—for the right price.
  Due to the high demand for equipment made from titanspawn and the Titanbreaker Guild's monopoly on the trade, some speculate that the guild has bigger coffers than the Exarchy itself.
Corporation, Manufacturing


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