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Papermakers of Gorsen

As Gorsen began to produce paper for the growing markets of newly literate and middle-class population the need arose for a guild to manage many things. The Papermakers of Gorsen were established to do the following:  
  • Establish standards for the types of paper produced, what weight, what color, what materials, what the final processing would consist of. This was to ensure that quality was always consistent and that the people who bought and used the paper would always know what to expect.
  • Teach apprentices the art and the craft of paper-making, from growing and evaluating the hemp, processing the plant fibers, creating the tools of the trade, to the production of the paper. Training is also required in evaluation of the finished product, and the realities of trade and profit-making.
  • Establish the qualifications for journeyman and master and the testing to demonstrate advancement.
  • Organize all makers of paper, loosely under guild oversight, from the large workshops to the individual cottage industry. As the producers of paper make it for very different markets, there is no need for competition between the types of paper makers.
  • Negotiate trade deals that are advantageous to the guild and the producers of the paper.
  • Establish various watermarks that are to be used with the paper that comes from Gorsen. Enforce their accurate application. Approve all new watermarks. 
  • Investigate shady practices and apply punishment or additional training as needed.
  • Assure the welfare of the guild members, and provide support in the event of illness, accident, or old age.
  • Advertise widely to increase the market available for the paper.


  • The large guildhall in Gorsen 
  • Several shops in other communities for the selling of their paper
  • Income from guild dues, percentages of sales, and registrations.

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