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Torbrin Trading

Torbrin Trading is owned and managed by Torbrin and backed by the Torbrin Noble Family which make the business, the man and the family a formidable economic power and influential name within the city.  

Torbrin Delivers

  With the stoic slogan "Torbrin Trading Delivers" or "Torbrin Delivers" holding true far more often than not their reputation speaks well of their services. A certain level of security is included with all land and sea shipping, with the option to upgrade security for additional fees. In rare instance Torbrin Shipping requires the additional security depending on the value of the manifest.    

Torbrin Crest

  The Torbrin logo is twin letter T's, one above and one below for Torbrin Trading, or the extended letter T with two wings for the noble family crest. There seems little difference between where the noble family crest ends and the business mark begins, and maybe that is by design. For most shipments the logo is burned into part or all of the cargo boxes, pallets or barrels with a hot iron designed for the logo. The Torbrin estate and offices are displayed with the bronze Torbrin Crests, while upgraded or secure shipping is designated with a brass Torbrin crest, which is retrieved upon delivery.      

By Land & Sea

  Torbrin Tradings primary gold streams come from land and sea shipping, importing and exporting to Ptolus City. While they dabble in side ventures those are nothing more than a fancy or whim of a pleading family member. This would include store non-perishable products in one of their many warehouse.  
  • Produce of Grains, Fruits and Vegetables
  • Livestock
  • Timber
  • Metalworks
  • Spirits & Wine
  •   Torbrin strives to stay disconnected from the trade goods, not seeking to own any large quantities as their are plenty of farmers, craftsmen and tradesmen that provide their good and need them moved.      

    Secured Shipping

      Torbrin officially does not carry illegal goods, however certain customers may be able to pay extra, a great deal extra for secure shipping and secure manifest. Torbrin will be very blunt in having them sign a note of responsible assuring the good are of legal but private states, and the customer takes all responsibility for the contents should there be some type of neccessary inspections.  
    Hey what you doing with my cargo? Inspecting it of course, there has been a rash of Shrill Wasp Nests lately and we can't be too careful, you know? How much did you I say the secure shipping was again?


      Torbrin reluctantly makes allowances for offerings to Juranis, God of the Open Sea. He considers this part of his negotiated contracts with his captains. However he does draw the line at petty and ridiculus passing fancies.  
    Cats? Cats! What the hell, who the hell thinks its a good idea or a lucky blessing to bring an animal on a ship that hates water? We don't fill our sails with wizard farts and we don't bless our voyage with priest urine. I have a better plan. Start canceling contracts until this idea goes overboard!
    — Torbrin

    Torbrin Trading Delivers

    Character flag image: Torbrin Coin Seal 1 by Graylion & Tillerz


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