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Torbrin Dock Warehouse

The crew of the Scarlet Trawler never wants for work! Ol' Torbrin keeps all us Freelancers well paid and busy, likely to keep us from the arms of competition downriver.
— Captain Grommit of the Scarlet Trawler

At a Glance

  The Torbrin Dock Warehouse is one of the largest shipping hubs in the Dockyards. Hundreds of crates move through the building in a day, and even more sit in storage on its tall steel shelves. A private thoroughfare connects the Warehouse to a large strip of reserved ship births. Here cargo enters and leaves the city, coordinated by the workmen at the Dock Warehouse. An air of urgency envelopes the entire area like an all too familiar shawl. Though perfectly inconspicuous, these planks of wood and blocks of stone make up a rushing artery of the region's most vital lines of commerce.  

Visitors & Routines

  Dozens of people visit the Dock Warehouse a day, workers and customers alike. At the same time, boats stream into and out of the city like clockwork at its connected docks. Only the Warehouse foremen have any hope of recognizing the regulars among the sea of faces and noise. They are a stern group of veteran dockworkers; their knowledge and experience are invaluable tools of the Torbrin Shipping Co.  




  The dark brick exterior is stained by years of grime and toil, while the steel roof leaks rivulets of rusty water. Enormous glass skylights allow sunlight to flood into the Warehouse during the day and the cool night air during the night. The building has begun to show signs of wear and tear after nearly five decades of constant use. Rust collecting on its metal roof, crumbling bricks, and rotting wood all plague the building. Even the flagstones bear scars of countless footfalls, and the walls seem to echo with the passage of people.   The connected docks are made of carved stone and look even more weathered than the Warehouse. Emerald moss crawls up the supports from the murky water, reaching toward the brilliant sun. Several ships ranging wildly in sizes always occupy the docks. Small wooden cranes operated by crews of dockworkers lift cargo from the shore into the holds of large ships and the decks of wide barges.      


  The interior of the Dock Warehouse is rather austere, composed of three sectioned off bays containing dozens of steel shelving units. Stacks of crates are organized in central clearings in each bay, with packages stored long-term moved to an assigned shelf. There is little of note or interest inside the Warehouse other than the Foreman's office suspended from the ceiling of Bay 2.   A rickety set of wooden stairs trace up the wall and allow access to the office. It offers an unobstructed view of most of the Warehouse floor, permitting supervisors to observe employees from above. Meanwhile, a security guard stationed inside the Foreman's Office at all hours keeps a sharp eye out for any prowling thieves or trespassers.  
Torbrin Coin Seal 1 by Graylion & Tillerz

Torbrin Name

Matthias Torbrin
Torbrin Noble Family
Torbrin Trading
Torbrin Estate
Torbrin Dock Warehouse
Torbrin Market Office

Alternative Names
The Torbrin Gates
Warehouse, Commercial
Parent Location
Owning Organization

Bribed Customs

Rumor has it that Matthias Torbrin has bribed the local customs officers to perform only the most rudimentary of checks on cargo entering the city from their docks.

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Author's Notes

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This article was written by the creative and talented WiredIn and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by WiredIn, visit Ravare.

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