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  Far below the level of the city streets, the Docks rest at the bottom of the Cliffs of Lost Wishes on narrow, sandy strip of land. A dozen ships moor in the deep waters here at any given time—sometimes far more than that. This is a particularly rough area of the city, thanks to the influx of sailors and the district’s remoteness from the rest of Ptolus.   The Docks are full of warehouses, shipyards, hostels, and taverns, all catering to sailors and merchants who use them extensively. Isolated from the rest of the city by the Cliffs of Lost Wishes, sometimes the Docks area seems like its own separate community. Many Ptolus residents live their whole lives without going there. (Of course, they probably haven’t been to the Nobles’ Quarter, either.)  
Ptolus 5e (pg162)
Ya, of course I have the Dust your looking for. Lets just take a moment of privacy, just down this ally. Oh those guys are for my protection, can't be to careful in my line of work.  
— Marrol Dust Dealer and shady gang boss


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