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North Market

  One of two markets in Ptolus, the North Market is known for its open-air stalls more than its workshops. Those interested in the technology of the Empire should check out the Smoke Shop, and shoppers can always take a break and have a drink at the Red Stallion Pub.   Many lifelong Ptolus residents call the North Market simply “the Market,” while they call the South Market the “South Market.” The North Market, which centers more or less around the North Gate, attracts farmers and others from north of town with goods to sell. Ptolus residents themselves conduct a fair bit of commerce here in open markets and shops. One of the busiest commercial areas, Market Street, runs through the heart of the North Market. The district is bounded by the cliffs of Rivergate on the west, the wall of the Necropolis on the east, the city wall on the north, and Golden Elm Way on the south.  
Ptolus 5e (pg278)
Oh my, The Tapestry of Power, a tome dated from before the construction of Dalenguard, the basis of Ptolus.
— Elias Dods at the Torbrin Market Office

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