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Farmers Triangle

At A Glance

  Farmer's Triangle is a large trading hub that grew up around a crossroads. The City Road, the Farm Road, and the Out Road bring traffic of all sorts here, and once the opened, the rate of expansion here exploded. The only people who live here full time are the tradesmen whose trades don’t travel well and those who run other services, like the innkeepers and their families. By a large margin the people who work and do business here on a daily basis are farmers and traveling merchants stopping by on their way to the city.  

First Impressions

  One of the first things you’ll notice about the Farmer’s Triangle is the skyline (if you could call it that) is quite level; the only building above a single story is the Lost Moon Inn, which is looming over the original intersection the Triangle formed around.   Surrounding the intersection is a large, bustling marketplace that makes up the bulk of the Farmer’s Triangle. Separated only roughly by trade or type of produce, the majority of the businesses and vendors just took up a lot that was free at the time, and as a result there is a lot of randomness, even though most lanes are clearly marked. Navigating can be tricky to those unaccustomed to the particular hustle and bustle of this marketplace.  


  Be it businessman, merchant, or commoner, the Farmer’s Triangle is populated by all sorts, given that most everyone needs at least some of the services offered here on a daily basis. Local traffic passes through here on the way to and from the city, as well as foreign traffic. As such, the area is a small mini-melting pot of cultures, with even the common folk getting to interact with some of the more eccentric traffic making its way towards the city proper.  


  To make a comprehensive list of the services and goods one can find would take an immeasurable amount of time, however; if one needs to find their way around the Farmer’s Triangle, they need look no further than the Lost Moon Inn at the center of the Triangle. The proprietor of the Lost Moon Inn, a kind half-elf named Marrill, is always keen on helping point newcomers to the area in the direction of a particular vendor or service.   Another point of interest for those looking for a bite to eat would be Korb Braghan’s Meat Cart. Using a special form of runic magic to keep the food in his cart ice cold, Korb Braghan is a dwarf who knows what he likes, and what he likes is meat. He preps the wares, while his eldest brother Skod butchers the meat that the youngest brother Dint hunts or otherwise supplies.   There are a countless number of other stores and vendors besides these two examples. Aside from the market proper, there is also a large festival yard set up on the outskirts of the Farmer's Triangle towards the city.

Who's Who & History

  Marrill - Marrill is a Half-Elf from the lands surrounding the Farmer’s Triangle, or so he’s told everyone. Marrill only recently came into ownership of the renowned Lost Moon Inn, and while he seems like a kind and joyful man, the circumstances of his ownership are shrouded in unknowns and half-truths. Some whisper rumors of foul play.     The Braghan Brothers - Korb, Skod, and Dint are a trio of brothers that have opened up shop in the Farmer’s Triangle, and business seems to be booming. Their magical cart that keeps their wares cold even on the hottest of days is a wonder to all who see it. Even more amazing is how the cart also seems to be bottomless, with Korb sitting in one places for hours, selling hundreds of pounds of meats without ever needing to restock his small cart.      

Rumors & Secrets

  There have been whispers on the wind about Marrill’s takeover of the Lost Moon Inn, about whether or not it was a legitimate business deal or if the previous owner was coerced, because they seem to have disappeared after the deal was struck.
Market square
Parent Location


Author's Notes



This article was written by the creative and talented Ultrahuntr and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Ultrahuntr, visit Ashua.

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