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Borris's Slaughter House

At A Glance

  A large gambrel roof sits atop this large rectangular building. The door of this barn-turned-slaughterhouse displays a variety of different animals in paint. The animals in question were proudly painted upon the door in a lovely mural: bison, elk, deer, pig, cow, pheasant, goat, lamb, and more are all artistically depicted in a variety of colors. Within, one can hear the barking and baying noises from the variety of creatures kept within the stables. Outside is a gravel path that careens up a small incline to the building.  

First Impressions

  You hear the tinkle of a bell as you enter the large barn-like building. A large, burly man stands behind the counter. This small front room separates the business end from the stables. Hung from hooks about this small room are many different sides of meat from various animals. Organized by beast, one area has sides of pork while another has the carcasses of duck. On a shelf behind the counter, many different seasoned portions of meat are all strung up in twine awaiting purchase. With a cutting board in front of him and a cleaver in his hand, he separates the leg of a goat from the right side of the carcass. Blood has deeply stained the apron that he wears and no amount of cleaning could ever hope to remove it. In spite of this, the white collared shirt and brown tie he wears beneath has been untouched by his profession. The butcher proudly sports a bristly black muttonstache with a mostly bald head. He gives you a smile as he wipes sweat from his brow with the back of his hairy arm. "What can I get for you today? A holiday ham? Leg of lamb?"  
Borris is a strange old dog. He hardly speaks to anyone that ain't his customers. Tends to keep to himself. Some nights I hear him wake himself up with his own screaming. Man's got some demons, I swear it.
- Finnly Mcleary, Borris's Dwarven Neighbor
  Nealsin Borris is a troubled soul and most of his customers know this. At a young age, Borris was a guardsman that worked to protect the Farm Ward. In the year 695 IA, a band of gnolls attacked and wreaked havoc across the countryside. Borris claims to have bared witness to watching families slaughtered and homes razed all the while he stood helpless. He made an attempt to combat the gnollish threat only to be met with a grievous wound that would forever cripple his leg. He claims that feigning his death was the only thing that kept him from being killed that day. Nearing fifty years of age, he is still quite bitter about the ordeal. After being forced to retire from the guard, he took up meat cutting as that was something he had much experience with when he lived with his parents. If you give the old butcher more than a few minutes of your time, he'd humbly recount this tale.  


  Most of Borris's customers consist of those who live nearby in the Farm Ward. This, however, doesn't stop people who live within the city from seeking out his shop. His most frequent customers are known to receive large discounts. Most days that Borris's Slaughter House is open, one would find Borris chatting away with one of the locals that had a new tidbit of information or drama for him.  
We always tell Borris the news of everything going on. He doesn't seem to have much time to find out for himself since his wife went missing.
- Farmer Halia Paterson
  All of the customers that shop at Borris's know that it is tradition to give Borris some bit of news, be it local or within city walls. Everyone who comes to buy meat from him knows his famous question, "What's the latest?"  


Borris not only slaughters and raises the animals himself, but he also cures and seasons the meat. At one point, Borris had a small eatery near his slaughterhouse, but after his wife mysteriously vanished, his dreams of being able to cook for people as well as work as a butcher were completely shattered. Regardless, he still puts his heart into every product that he sells. Borris is also paid to butcher the local farmer's livestock, selling it for them and keeping a share of the profit.  

Who's Who & History

Nealsin Borris Borris is a troubled old butcher who lives by himself. Once a guardsman, Borris claims that he'd defend the locals to his last breath. To his dismay, they chuckle and disregard that notion. Nearing fifty, Borris has been alone for nearly a decade after his wife was found missing from their home one morning. After weeks of investigating and searching, his wife was never found. The locals often worry about him becoming lonely. As a means to alleviate his sorrow, families often invite him to picnics and gatherings. Each time, Borris declines. Quite troubled, his neighbors refrain from bothering him after he wakes himself up screaming in the night. The first time that Finnly Mcleary, one of his neighbors, came to investigate the noise, Borris insisted that he was fine and that he simply had night-terrors. Mcleary, a kindly soul, insisted that Borris go to a doctor to see if he could get something to cure his restless sleep. Borris grew frustrated with Taevish and asked him to leave. Since then, Borris continues to wake his neighbors with howls of pain and fear in the night.  

Rumors & Secrets

Parent Location


Author's Notes



This article was written by the creative and talented Sols & Duun and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Sols & Duun, visit Vhosparus.

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