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Lost Moon Inn

At A Glance

  The Lost Moon Inn stands tall over any other building in the Farmer’s Triangle, with the roof of the main structure looming at least eight feet over the next tallest building in town, making it noticeable for miles. It’s run by a kindly but mysterious half-elf named Marrill, who recently acquired it in a shady behind closed doors deal from the previous owner. There is a generally friendly feel about the place, with large windows allowing in large amounts of sunlight, with the loft seating above having a small dome placed about it, allowing patrons a marvelous view of the surrounding market and further out the countryside.  

First Impressions

  When you first walk in, one of the first to likely assault your senses will be a strong, earthy smell. This comes from the expansive basement and cellars, which have primarily raw earth walls. Next will be the sing-song voice of a serving maid bouncing to and fro, tending one patron after the next with dizzying speed. Slowly the smell of the smoked meats and light chatter from patrons settles on you, and you feel comfortable.   A large, U-shaped bar lurches from the far wall into the middle of the seating area, with two long rows of kegs running up the middle. To its left, the door to the kitchen area in the back flaps to and fro as the staff run orders to the patrons. To the immediate left of the entrance is a decently large stage with a small storage room turned apartment to the side that is often rented out to a minstrel in exchange for their talents during the evening [This room is currently rented out to a gnomish piper named Dorfinger]. The far right corner contains a stairwell that goes up to the private rooms available for rent and down to the cellars.   The Lost Moon Inn is an oddly welcoming and inviting place, with plenty of variance in the menu to suit most people just fine, and enough drink on tap to keep it flowing all night. A lively man who would think was elven if not for the thick beard about his chin is running the taps and minding the bar. A bard glides through the spaces between tables, his fingers dancing over the neck of his lute with blistering speed. As he leads those in the mood in another drinking song, the barmaid nods you to a seat and comes shortly to take your order.  


  Any and all manner of individuals are bound to come through the broad, double oak doors of the Lost Moon Inn on any given day. Being in the center of a busy trade hub has allowed for a wide range of patrons (mostly tradesmen and merchants from all over), and as such they cater to a wide range of tastes in both delicious cuisine and exotic drinks.  


  Food and drink from lands near and far can be found flowing forth from the kitchen of the Lost Moon Inn. The menu rotates on a monthly basis, focusing on a new set of dishes each month. Marrill, the barkeep and owner, has brought his equipment to ferment ciders with him, and the new drinks have kept the barroom floor over capacity each night since. Each morning he unloads the new barrels of cider from the cellar to prepare for consumption that day.  

Who's Who & History

  Marrill - Marrill is a Half-Elf from the lands surrounding the Farmer’s Triangle, or so he’s told everyone. He only recently came into ownership of the renowned Lost Moon Inn, and while he seems like a kind and joyful man, the circumstances of his ownership are shrouded in unknowns and half-truths. Some whisper rumors of foul play.   Dorfinger - Dorfinger is the current resident musician in the small apartment room near the stage, and is the only person around who apparently knew Marrill before he came here, and as such is the only one who can vouch for his credibility. Dorfinger is known around the Farmers Triangle, while Marrill is not.  

Rumors & Secrets

  The prevailing rumor is that Marrill killed the previous owner, and that possibly Dorfinger is covering for him. There’s no telling where this rumor started, and Marrill’s jovial attitude quickly changes if he hears even a whisper of it.
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This article was written by the creative and talented Ultrahuntr and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Ultrahuntr, visit Ashua.


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