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Half-Moon Field

At a Glance

Settled on the outskirts of the great city, the Half-Moon Field is one of the places where caravans and camps may settle for the duration of their stay. Bright coloured shirts gently sway on clotheslines hanged between the many caravans, which are spread around the field in small half-circle formations.

A few rare stalls are set up closer to the road, where merchants attempt to sell the last of their goods before they charge their carts to leave again, while those who are to remain longer lay further in the back. The soft music of accordions and singing floats with the wind, spreading through the fields and streets.

A Camp for Travellers

Quite a few different types of people use the Half-Moon field for their caravans. Travelling merchants are one of the main residents, with their large wagons packed to the brim with goods and wares. But the camping grounds also welcome circuses, performers, minstrels, or another wide variety of artists and musicians who tour across the country.

In times of unrest, one might even find the odd group of mercenaries or adventurers, though these people tend to prefer the warmer housing of taverns within the city.

Politics of the Camp

Captain Zeigmun Frege

The figure in charge of keeping track of all the merry people who stay at the Half-Moon Field is Captain Frege. He is a small man with a big moustache, drunk on the little power he has and easy to corrupt. He overestimates his own importance, parading around the camp and bullying those he dislikes.

As within all aspects of society, camping grounds present a complex social hierarchy. Caravan troupes will have rivalries between one another, sometimes leading to tense weeks if two bitter enemies must stay at the same camp for a while. Some caravans have a bad reputation of stealing from others, making them more akin to some kind of "ambulant" criminal gang.

As such, more vulnerable caravans often have to pay for protection from stronger caravans, or bribe the captain to give them guards or a safer allocation lot. Of course, bribes can go the other way too, and Captain Frege will not hesitate to turn a blind eye on crimes if he can get some money out of it.


The camping grounds are settled in a large circular field. Traditionally, caravans travelling together will form small semi-circles around their campfires. These are referred to as "villages". Lone wagons and caravans usually unite together to form their own villages, so that they do not stand out as easy targets to thieves and gangsters.

This is one of the farm ward's major stream of incomes outside of farming, as those who remain there will often venture through the ward to buy rations and drinks.
Our tale takes place in the Half-Moon field,
T'is there we meet our lovers.
Their families once friends, bitter enemies in the end,
You must see know what the story will tell.
— A bard singing a song

Hospitality, Camping
Parent Location


Plot Hooks:

- A caravan who just arrived in town is causing trouble by picking fights with other groups. Captain Frege is looking for some people to put them back in their place.
- A mysterious group of travellers are said to have settled in the camp. They are said to have powerful magic with the, but keep it very well hidden.


Author's Notes

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This article was written by the creative and talented TheChangeling and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by TheChangeling, visit the Interarcanum.

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