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Farm Ward

  The lands surrounding the south side of the city are fertile farm fields, populated by farmers, ranchers and growers, accompanied by businesses which support travelers of all walks of life. It is also common to hunters, trackers, druids, and rangers not wishing to go into the city proper.  
  This district is also home to those few who lacked coin enough to hire lodgings or own buildings in the city. The tent city portion is a noisy, lively area that's home to poor elves, half-bloods of all sorts, some dwarves, gnomes, and halfling.   The Farm Ward has risen and fallen many times across the years. Through natural disaster, hordes of evil creatures and through the blood of wars. But like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, it rises again, in another incarnation of itself.   With the city proper having its wall completed twelve years prior, the Farm Ward would endure first strikes as the easy target. The Ghost Liches plague wiped out almost half of the Farm Ward in the year 602 IA.    

Farms & Farming



  A thirsty or weary travler has many great options for food, drink and lodging within the Farm Ward. The Bloody Boots Inn and the Lost Moon Inn are two very prominent and solid choices to rest yourself overnight. Marrill at the Lost Moon Inn has some of the best cider you will find in these parts. Tilly's food at the Drunken Mage Brewhouse is hearty and will stick to your ribs. You should ask them about the name of the place. It is a delightful story.    

Call of Nature

  If you feel the call of nature and wish the get closer to the primal places, you have two fantastic options. The first is the Temple Farm of Melann which is a farm, a refuge, a place of meditation and a sacred place for the community, the faithful and followers of Melann. Your second choice is the Temple of Balance which is a shared sacred place for all the factions that serve the forces of nature.    

Gnoll War Prelude

  Late in the year 695 IA a war band of gnolls with powerful shamans ravaged the Farm Ward. This would have killed every person had it not been for the undaunted Valor of Eladreth Moonstalker, also known as the Warden of the Woods. Stories tell of how he single-handedly killed the gnoll shamans and a hundred gnolls. No record or sightings exist of Eladreth following this battle. His name will forever be sung as a mighty hero of the Farm Ward. Other notable citizens of the Farm Ward that drove back gnolls protecting their own was Cayde Lowther proprietor of the Bloody Boots Inn, and former member of the Scarlet Legion.    

Map Image

Farm Ward Map Ptolus Homebrew by Varmit Sols & Duun

Map & Pins

Farm Ward Map
  The Farm Ward is inspired by the following passage in the Ptolus Book. The Farm Ward is not part of the published City of Ptolus product.   Farmers to the south bring their produce to Ptolus to sell, whether it be grain, fruit, or vegetables. They also bring in livestock, including sheep and cattle. Loggers from the north ship timber into town to sell.  


  • Farm Ward Map

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Maps comissioned by Graylion for the Shadow War by the talented Sols & Duun.

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