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The Sapphire & Silk Caravan Co.

At a Glance

  Rolling along the road at a slow and steady pace are three wagons each drawn by two stocky horses with thick manes. Strangely enough, a horse-like creatures roams far ahead of the caravan seemingly to act as a scout. Flanking the carriage from all angles were a variety of guards wearing simple padded armor and bearing spears and crossbows. The wagons at the front and rear of the caravan are rather plain other than being reinforced and banded with iron. The wagon at the center, however, is an odd sight. A rather exotic-looking wagon stacked high with crates, boxes, barrels, textiles and more seem to weigh down the violet-painted beast of a carriage. On the side in gilded cursive reads "Sapphire & Silk Caravan Co." Nearby it was an equally strange sight: a grey lizardfolk standing almost seven feet in height seemingly barks orders from the side of the road.   
"Why yes, I do frequent the city of Ptolus! It's a rather remarkable place for the nobility here are willing to part with nearly double the gold that I charge for wares elsewhere"
- Harlon Leviticus IV, Owner of the Sapphire & Silk Caravan Co. 
A portly fellow wearing long and garish hides of some exotic beast let's himself down as the lizardman opens the door for him. His skin is a pallid blue and his eyes seem to burn white. Crowing his head are slender twisting horns with points that reach towards the sky. Each of which are adorned with rings of silver and gold. Raising his hand, he gives a gesture to the group that signals to unload and ready for a day of business. The tiefling's fingers glisten with lustrous stones of scarlet and sapphire.   

First Impressions

  Resting on a pile of rugs and cushions is the portly blue tiefling, gesturing to the fineries from far away lands before him: wines, textiles, gemstones, clothing, spices, and more all closely guarded by a slew of mean-looking guards. Anything that this fellow had to sell was incredibly expensive and, perhaps, a might too expensive. Many noblemen and woman surround the slew of wagons in the street as the city guardsmen question permits. The tiefling places a gold coin in each of the guards hands, shooing them away. With shrugs, they continue about their business.  
"What can I offer you today, my friend? Silverware? A locket for that special someone? Perhaps a silken robe from the far east?" 
- Harlon Leviticus IV, Owner of the Sapphire & Silk Caravan Co.

Who's Who

    Harlon Leviticus IV   Harlon Leviticus claims to come from a long line of nobility. The first of his name was supposedly a tiefling like him, but his grandfather and father were both, strangely enough, humans. He is a rather large fellow that often bosses others about whilst he takes on the the more difficult tasks such as handling taxation, bills of sale, and other strenuous paperwork. Many don't believe that Leviticus is from a wealthy family at all and rather he sold his soul to hell in exchange for worldly wealth. He, of course, takes this in stride and laughs at such a notion.      Captain Utochl   The lizarkfolk, Utochl oversees the dozen guardsmen that protect the caravan. He often opts to say nothing to strangers or customers, only exchanging cold stares and gritted sharp teeth. Hailing from the south, not even Leviticus knows much of his heritage or history. In exchange of Leviticus not asking too many questions, he protects the wagon for a hefty sum of gold.      Scout Gannet Autumnrunner   Half-horse half-man, Gannet servers as the lookout for the caravan to assure that they aren't stumbling into highwaymen or traps. He wears armor on his human torso and his equine body. He is, in a word, a warhorse.  

Secrets & Rumors

  Many rumors surround the heritage of Leviticus, but none are able to catch the tiefling in a lie, for his history is shrouded in mystery and knowledge lost to time.


Author's Notes



This article was written by the creative and talented Sols & Duun and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Sols & Duun, visit Vhosparus.

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