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City Wards



  Ptolus lies between the Spire and the sea. The highest portion of the city, the Nobles’ Quarter, is built on the base of the Spire. From there, the level of the city drops down a sharp cliff to Oldtown, and then down again into Midtown. The final cliffs at the edge of Ptolus drop into the bay, with the only area of dry land at the bottom of those cliffs occupied by the city’s docks. Well-worn paths connect the various elevations and help make Ptolus very defensible.  
- Ptolus Players Guide 5e (pg7)
Settlement | Jan 31, 2023

This waterside district concerns itself primarily with ship traffic, servicing seagoing craft, warehousing imports and exports, and catering to the needs of sailors.

Farm Ward
Settlement | Sep 4, 2022

The lands surrounding the city are fertile farm fields, populated by farmers, ranchers and growers and accompanied business in their support as well as travelers of all walks of life.

Guild Ward
Settlement | Nov 24, 2023

An industrial section of the city, the Guildsman District holds tanneries, breweries, a slaughterhouse, the Foundry, and a number of similar locations, as well as the headquarters of most major guilds.

Midtown Ward
Settlement | Jan 7, 2023

The heart of the city, Midtown holds many residential neighborhoods and a number of important business sections such as Tavern Row and Delver’s Square. It is also by far the largest district in Ptolus.

Settlement | Sep 5, 2022

It’s easy to forget that this cemetery is an actual district in town—until you’ve seen it and realized how vast it is. More or less safe during the day, this walled-off section of town is an extremely dangerous place to visit at night.

Noble Ward
Settlement | Nov 23, 2023

The Nobles’ Quarter is home to the city’s wealthiest residents, as well as the aristocracy. The single approach to this district involves passing through Dalenguard in Oldtown.

North Market
Settlement | Jan 1, 2023

Known to locals simply as “the Market,” this district is filled with open squares teeming with merchants selling goods from tents, stalls, and wagons. It is also a residential district.

Oldtown Ward
Settlement | Nov 23, 2023

The seat of government and authority is also, as its name suggests, the oldest part of town. Oldtown’s is also home to the Administration Building, the Imperial University, City Courts, and similar facilities.

Rivergate Ward
Settlement | Aug 19, 2022

The residential Rivergate District is isolated by the King’s River Gorge on one side and an extremely steep incline on the other. It serves as home to the closest thing Ptolus has to a middle class.

South Market
Settlement | Nov 27, 2022

Newer than the North Market, the South Market is distinguished by having more permanent shops, particularly those with their own attached workshops. As in the North Market, a great many people make their homes here.

Temple Ward
Settlement | May 14, 2023

The majority of the city’s temples, churches, and religious structures are found in the Temple District. The famed Street of a Million Gods runs through the district, lined on both sides with an array of faiths

Settlement | Jul 29, 2023

The Warrens holds the city’s slums, a place as lawless and dangerous as one might fear. The Warrens in the eastern part of town is a terrible slum sick with poverty and crime.

Ptolus City Wards


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