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Temple Ward

  Teeming with churches, shrines, and the headquarters of various religious orders, the Temple District is a strange hodgepodge of good and evil. The dangerous and hidden Temple of the Rat God is found here, as is the Priory of Introspection and St. Valien’s Cathedral. Those interested in some strange disappearances in town may want to check out the Temple of the Ebon Hand cult.   The Temple District is a relatively small section of Ptolus centered around worship and religious faith. It is bounded by the King’s River to the south, North Gate Road to the west, Carver Lane to the east, and Golden Elm Way to the north. Some folks claim that it extends all the way to the Necropolis wall in the east—and certainly the area east of Carver Lane focuses on burial needs and other religious-related matters—but officially, that is a part of Midtown.  
Ptolus 5e (pg343)


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