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Zugor Family Farm

At a Glance

  Far off the road is a particularly tall hill that rises to block the horizon for nearly a mile. Blanketed with trees, it could easily pass for a small forest. A small herd of cows freely graze upon the bright green grass. near the base of the hill are three buildings all surrounded by a tired wooden fence. The nearest building is a bright red barn with the doors wide open. The sound of banging metal rhythmically echoes from within. Nearby a rather massive wolf-like beast nudges a herd of sheep along with the gentleness of a saint. Another figure almost dwarfed by the wolf wields a crook, hooking it about a lamb that began to stray from the flock as they grazed far from the cows.    Beyond the barn lay a rather humble homestead. An old, gray-skinned humanoid sits on the porch in a rocking chair humming a tune as they crochet. A large mass of wispy white hair is piled atop their head and, most notably, a pair of ivory tusks jut from their lower jaw. She offers a dainty wave with her hand and a tired smile. Down the hill some is a massive fellow that resembles the gray-skinned woman. They seem to be training a pack of small wolf-like beasts to carry out labor, rewarding them treats as an incentive.    At first glance, this is nothing more than a simple farm but, unusually, it is ran by a small family of orcs!    

First Impressions

  The elder of the farm, Mama Yotul, cooks, sews, and cleans for her children. Compared to her kin, she appears far more like an orc with more prominent and brutish features. Despite her appearance, she is sweet, kind, and caring: offering milk and meat to those that come by.   
"Don't mind mum. She always gets really excited when we get visitors"
- Mora Zugor, Daughter of Mama Yotul
  The Zugor family farm was once an incredibly large and lucrative business but, since Zugor's passing, things have slowed down. As such, the family mainly cares for itself by raising cows and sheep for meat, milk, and wool. Trading with the other farmers and locals is their primary form of income. They sell surplus wool and Vynod's trained wolves to folks who might be able to afford them to stave off the tax collectors.   One thing of note is that each of the buildings are as clean as they possibly could be and look as though they have been recently painted. Mama Yotul takes pride in the farm by assuring that it is always kept clean, and in good condition. The inside of the homestead is a testament to that. The floorboards, while old, are bright and so clean that you could eat off of them. The kitchen is colorful and spotless. Even the cast-iron stove shows no signs of age whatsoever. A painting hangs on the wall behind the table depicting a human fellow about the same height as a young orc woman with two gray-skinned children at their feet and one in the woman's arms.  

Who's Who

  Mora, Vynod, and Darzo are the three children of Mama Yotul. After their father passed away several years ago, they were left to tend to the place in his stead. Mora acts as the face of the farm when it comes to sales and paying the tax collector. She is six-foot, broad shouldered with a small pair of tusks jutting from her pleasant yet tense face. She has pale gray skin reddened by hours spent out in the sun. While she isn't simply helping out about the house, Mora uses the barn as a place to hone her smithing skills by fashioning small knives and horseshoes to sell.     Vynod is the oldest of the three and the largest. Standing about seven-foot, he acts as the wolf trainer. His love for animals makes it rather difficult to sell his trained dogs to "ungrateful" nobles and their "spoiled" children. He has grayish green skin and particularly large tusks with a handsome smile.    Darzo is the youngest. Standing at six-foot, he has always been more light-handed. As such, he acts as the Shepard to the sheep and cows making sure that no harm comes to them whilst also being in charge of sheering and milking.   

Secrets & Rumors

  The guards of the Farm Ward have considered purchasing wolves to act as policing hounds, but Vynod insists that they are trained to hunt not to be guard dogs.   
"I'm pretty damned sure that those guardsmen want one of my wolves to keep as a pet. They're no good for hunting criminals and they know that!"
- Vynod, Son of Mama Yotul
    The late Wyatt Zugor was supposedly an incredibly famous adventurer that achieved much in his life but grew tired of the life on the road. It is said that his traveling companion, an orc woman, would settle down to become his wife. Skill with druidism, it was rather easy for the two of them to start a simple life on a farm. Using some of the riches they earned on the road together, they constructed a new, simpler life for themselves.    Many of the locals believe that Mama Yotul is perhaps a hag or a witch that is perhaps too old to wreak havok upon the farm ward any longer. Just a single visit with her, however, changes their minds.   With the farm being so far away from the rest of the ward, it is not unusual for the family to face troubles in the form of invaders, thieves, or the occasional beast.
Parent Location


Author's Notes



This article was written by the creative and talented Sols & Duun and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Sols & Duun, visit Vhosparus.

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