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Oldtown Ward

  As the name implies, this is the oldest part of the city. Today Oldtown serves as the center for all local administrative needs. You’ll find the fortress of Dalenguard here, as well as the Administration Building, the Imperial University, and the City Library. Other intriguing features include Kadmiel, a tower that exists only within its own shadow, and the Inverted Pyramid, the invisible floating headquarters of the most powerful arcanists in the world.   Originally, Oldtown was just “Ptolus.” It was a complete city in itself, built around the fortress of Dalenguard. Now the district houses most of the Imperial government buildings and a number of important organizational headquarters as well as a residential district. It covers an entire ridge of the city below the Nobles’ Quarter but above the South Market and Midtown. It lies south of the Rivergate District, just across the King’s River Gorge. The only way to get there from the east is via an earthen ramp cut into Dalen’s Cliffs on the Emperor’s Road. Visitors from the north come via the King’s River Bridge and the Old City Gate or via the Rivergate Bridge from the Rivergate District.  
Ptolus 5e (pg289)

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