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Splatterhouse Arena

The Splatter house closely resembles a marriage between a Viking Longhall and a large barn. Over 120 feet by 60 ft. it has obviously been modified over the years to create an entertainment destination and event. There are three double wide entrances in, the narrow South wall, and the long East and West walls. Wrapping the outside is over hang where simple offering are sold. You can find local breads, cheeses, dried meats, crackers, ales, and fruit cider.   Stepping into the Splatterhouse the first things you notice is the lack of seats or furniture with the second being a loft used mostly for spectators. A few bare weapon racks are scattered to the four walls with a mismatched collection of leather armor. The "ring" can be the central area some 40 by 80 or two smaller areas 40 by 40.   The only thing required for two people to settle a score is willingness and availability. There is no cost for two locals to step in and trade fists until points of view are changes, many times helping each other out shoulder to shoulder with the dispute concluded. More than a few fathers have granted or denied their daughters hand in marriage based on the suiters performance within these walls.   The Splatterhouse gains its name and reputation from it's main events. The Town Watch uses it to dispatch local wild life threats and other uncivilized creatures as a city attraction. These events range in price based on the contents of the match and the amount of blood or splatter they will provide. It is the talk of the Farm Ward which match happened the night before as well as who was seen attending them.   For a small fee more elaborate matches may be scheduled public or private. Nothing like the scream of a dire boar in close quarters to get the blood pumping. But the scheduling of these matches is considered very carefully as not to upset the balance of the local attraction.   The area surrounding the Splatterhouse container several storage buildings, stables, barns and a small home and a fenced in ranch area.
Alternative Names
The Barn
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