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Drunken Mage Brewhouse

At A Glance

  As you make your way about the golden fields of wheat, you spot a lonely taphouse atop a small hill in the distance. As you approach, you see a humble home that looks as though it was converted into a tavern. A slate cross-hipped roof, burnt orange in color, has one prominent chimney letting out a thin wisp of smoke from within. Below, the second story was proudly maintained with bone-white wattle and daub walls and diamond patterns made within the timber frame. Two leaded-glass windows are both flanked by reddish-brown shutters. Between them, a door that shared the warm color of the shutters. Just above the door is a wooden sign, made from nothing more than a wrought-iron pole, wood, and chain. It reads, "Drunken Mage Brewhouse" in somewhat uneven lettering. Within, a man about six feet in height gives you a wave and a warm smile. He is easily in his forties with a thin beard and a humble set of wrinkles on his forehead and about his eyes. A woman, hardly five feet tall, wears her curly red hair in a long ponytail over her broad shoulders. "What can I get for ye?" she asks in a friendly dwarven accent.  

First Impressions

  A husband and wife run this humble taphouse: Rhys and Tilly Curtis. This place is usually quiet, as few ride out this far, but they both insist they enjoy only having a few customers during an evening shift. The ale that they sell is homebrewed and Tilly provides the lovely smells of hearty dwarven cuisine coming from the kitchen. There are only four tables in the quaint dining area that has a few animal trophies on display to break up the monotony. Rhys is always more than happy to spin a tale with customers, as he claims that the place is usually so quiet that you could read without being disturbed. Rhys explains that this little brewhouse is just a way to make money on the side. His wife is a beermaker that sells by the barrel to the city folk while he is a dairy farmer and cheesemonger who does the same. After building their home a decade or so ago, they claimed to have not had any real need for the space of the bottom floor, so they turned it into a tavern for the locals to enjoy on their way back home from town.  
If you just so happen to be out there, ask Rhys about the name of the place. He really loves to tell that story to new faces.
- Milo Pitchbristle, Tilly's Cousin
  Two or three years ago, Rhys changed the name of the Brewhouse from Curtis' to the Drunken Mage. He explains that there was a strange fellow who was completely bald on his head and face with strange tattoos about his cheeks, forehead, and jawline. He wore a dark robe tied with a golden rope. Drunk and barefoot, the fellow insisted to Rhys that he serve him some ale. Rhys, being the kindly fellow that he is, served the man a few pints until he was sated. The mage left a hefty sum of coins that far surpassed his tab before disappearing into an explosion of smoke.  


  The Drunken Mage's clientele consists mostly of the local farmers and people who ride far into the Ward like couriers. They are all polite and mild-mannered people that love to tell tales and hear about life in the city.  
The Curtis fam'ly is a kindly bunch. The kinda folk that know that you just want some ale and a place to rest your bones after a long day o' work.
- Finnly Mcleary, Miller
  Tilly's father was a veterinarian who tended to sick animals and oftentimes sick farmers. Many patrons will tell you that Mrs. Curtis will happily help to cure what ails you if she can alongside one of her famous home-cooked meals.  


  Tilly prepares old-fashioned dwarven meals. Hearty and spicy, her food will most certainly stick to your ribs. Rhys happily serves seasonal pints of Tilly's family recipes made with hops, malted barley, and yeast with additions of apples, citrus rinds, and darker fruits like cherries. While the Brewhouse is not an inn, Tilly and Curtis would be happy to allow you the guest room for the evening for a small price.  

Who's Who & History

Rhys Curtis   Rhys is a human in his forties that has spent the majority of his life working in the Farm Ward. He witnesses the gnoll invasion take his father when he was younger and fled to the city where he met the Pitchbristle family. They helped him get back on his feet financially after losing his herd of cattle. This is how he met Tilly, a dwarven girl that was looking for any excuse to get out of the city. With her father's approval (and his recipes), Rhys and Tilly went back to the Farm Ward together to start something as a family. Rhys and Tilly consistently write to Mister Pitchbristle about the current ongoings. Pitchbristle continually asks Rhys when he and Tilly are going to give him some grandchildren.    
I love that boy like I love my daughter. He's always been a good lad and I'm glad to have 'im carry on the family name.
- Theo Pitchbristle, Tilly's Father
  Tilly Curtis   Stout and tough, Tilly is the wife of Rhys. An excellent cook and brewmaster, she always teases Rhys about being the stronger one between the two of them. Tilly insisted that she go and help Rhys recover his farmstead after the gnoll invasion in 695. She had always despised the city: the smell of brine and urine in the streets along with the constant cacophony that comes from the damp stone streets. Meeting someone like Rhys was the perfect excuse for her to make a run for it. Despite how much she despised the city, she still loved her father dearly for all that he taught her.  

Rumors & Secrets

Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location


Author's Notes



This article was written by the creative and talented Sols & Duun and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Sols & Duun, visit Vhosparus.

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