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Weeping Gnoll Tavern

It is a good place to stay the night, I would say. Though I always fear it will burn down, personally. Surprised it hasn't. Not even during that gnoll attack a few years ago.  
— Gert Falker, regular at the Weeping Wolf Tavern.


The Weeping Wolf Tavern Inn is located in the southern portion of the Farm Ward. It still bears the scars from the Gnoll attack a few years back.  

From the Outlet

The Weeping Wolf Tavern is a cozy tavern of moderate size, being at two stories. It is built from red bricks, except for the lower portion which is made up of heavy stone slabs that has a faint geometrical pattern inspired. The western portion of the stones appear to have been darkened as if affected by fire long ago; some say that their surface is still warm to the touch. The windows- and door frames are made out of simple wood. The thick tavern door appears to have been struck with an ax but never managed to break through it, possibly caused by a gnoll warrior a few years prior.  

First Impressions

Walking into the tavern hall, most newcomers stop dead in their tracks as they look upon the greenery and receive the general feeling of coziness.
Thick vines cover the entirety of the walls along the hall, and placed at equal distance from each other are low ports with moss. Placed between them on the western side are benches, and on the northern side, one can find circular tables and chairs.
From the ceiling hang four fire bowls made from wrought iron. Attached to chains, they can be lowered and placed on the floor.
The floor is made from stone slabs that too are inscribed with that faint geometrical pattern.  

The Name

The origin of the tavern's name is a story that is regularly told in the evenings. According to hearsay, it happened during the gnoll warband attack in 695 IA. A group of Gnolls had managed to get to the street of the then-named Little Mossy Tavern. While most of the monsters were being taken care of by Eladreth Moonstalker and Cayde Lowther, the one group happened upon a retired soldier and current tavern keeper known as Wolf Salter.
Protecting the people who had taken refuge in his tavern, it is said that Wolf took one of the axes that the gnolls wielded and used it against them in unrestrained fury. And he did not only kill them but made them feel the pain from each precise attack. Torture, some would perhaps call it.
The last gnoll left alive in the area, unable to flee as its legs were unusable due to strikes from Wolf's ax, is said to have been weeping from the pain and is to even have begged for mercy in its own way. Its only mercy was a swift death after having its skull struck with the ax.
After hearing of this, most prompted Wolf to change the name of the tavern to the Weeping Gnoll Tavern.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location

A bloodstained ax

The ax Wolf used to kill the weeping gnoll still hangs on the wall behind the bar, still stained with blood.


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