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Temple of Balance


At a Glance

As one sits among the tranquil gardens of the Temple of Balance, is is easy to forget one is so close to the city, its bustling streets and crying vendors, the rows of stalls and shops lining up every alley, the sea of citizens moving in a chaotic dance. It is where those who seek peace come to collect themselves and meditate, sat between some sycamores or below flowery pavilions. The fresh smell of grass and herbs cleanses the soul of the fumes and stenches of the city.

Priests of the Temple

The Temple is a place of harvest and quiet, where silent priests tend to the plants and pray. The gardens curve and spread like a maze behind the high walls, statues and small fountains hiding in its nooks and crannies.

Dear journal of mine- today marks the first day in which I was able to navigate from the shrine of Beory to the statue of Obad-Hai without getting lost in the gardens! I feel so proud of myself.
— Apprentice Priest

Worshippers may only access a small portion of the temple and gardens- the rest of the premise is where the priests live and tend to the other aspects of their worshipping. These activities go from reading and cultivating one's culture, to making donations to various powerful people and securing the temple's political position.

The Temple

Gardens and Shrines

The temple occupies a large chunk within the Farm Ward. It is completely surrounded by high stone walls, to prevent intruders from just waltzing in. Inside, one can find gardens and shrines filled to the brim with all sorts of trees, flowers and bushes, as well as several buildings where the priests live and tend to the affairs of the temple.

The most important building among the temple is likely the Bizantium, a large construction almost entirely covered in vines and flowers, safe for some windows in which light crawls through. It is where the head priest resides, and where the treasury of the temple is kept

Forgotten Tunnels

What most people ignore about the temple, even the priests who work on the premise, is that it was built above some ancient crypts and tunnels that spread out below the farm ward all the way underneath the city. These were built ages ago in a time of war, and were meant to play a strategic role in case of an invasion. But their existence has since been forgotten by all but a few criminal gangs.

While incredibly useful to move secretly across the district, the tunnels are also dangerous to navigate. Many monsters have made it their home, and you never know what blood thirsty creature one might bump into...
Parent Location
Gods of the Temple
The temple is dedicated to all the gods of nature, a place of safety and balance.

Plot Hooks:

- A section of the temple has collapsed on the tunnels below, and monsters have been emerging from the shadows.
- The temple has recently received a very valuable donation (magical item, very big jewel or expensive item). It is very well guarded but the party knows one of the guards.



This article was written by the creative and talented TheChangeling and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by TheChangeling, visit the Interarcanum.


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24 Apr, 2021 08:33

Ooooh! Those secret tunnels sound intriguing :D

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