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Wambert's Fish Market

At A Glance

  The scent of brine fills the air as you break away from main street. Wandering down a side street leads you to an even more pervasive stench of the sea: fish. Overlooking the water beyond, this long, rectangular building is quite open save a lofty roof. One could easily look inside and witness the sea beyond. Between are tables with wooden display cases. The stench grows strong as you spot a few with eyes glazed over with a cloudy gray. All manner of seafood is available. Most are smoked or salted to preserve them. Some even stuffed with peat to keep the body fresh. A counter at the northern corner of this market sports a few signs indicative of yesterday's catch being far cheaper than today's. A portly fellow loudly discusses that yesterday's catch is significantly cheaper. He spots you and gives you a genuine smile. "Ah! You're just in time for today's catch!"

First Impressions

  One could find all manner of things within the most popular fishing market in the aptly named Market Ward. Shellfish, crustaceans, roundfish, and flat are all on display within. Wambert will be the first to tell you that any shellfish, crustaceans, and salt-water fish that he gets in from the fisherman are first come first serve, as they are not consistently caught. There is no sign signifying the name of this market, for Holt Wambert's Fish Market is well known to anyone and everyone who lives within the Ward. A larger fellow, Wambert always sports a smile for new customers and old. What he lacks in a hairline, he makes up for in a curly, dark beard that contrasts well with his russet-brown skin. His products are usually of higher quality considering that he receives fresh fish every single day at sundown. This, however, doesn't stop Wambert from pushing yesterday's catches. Heavy discounts are placed upon these fish, but many aren't quite sure if they're safe to eat. He recommends using these somewhat undesirable fish for their bones as, "If nothing else, the bones are good for making a mean fish soup".   
Ay look, if a fish market smells like pish, you know its a good fish market.
- Jinder Halawey, local fish conniseur 
  Wambert's wife, Charlsie, also works alongside him. She handles the salting and smoking while he works his fish-cutting magic. Many of Wambert's customers will tell you that his ability to fabricate fish is like no other. Head, tail, filet. Head, tail, filet. The magic he works with his old steel cleaver is like watching clockwork. He is happy to prepare a customer's purchase for them, but he refuses to take any sort of trouble from his customers or would-be hagglers. Prices are firm. If you attempt to haggle with Mrs. Lambert while she is taking your order, Holt yawps and throws you to the back of the line. Any sort of aggression or insult directed at his wife is a surefire way to find yourself banned for life. No one wants to anger the jolly fishmonger, so it is very rare that people attempt to get on his nerves. Wambert insists that he doesn't require guardsmen to keep the ne'er-do-wells out. He insists that he has the sharpest cleaver in the Ward and that he isn't afraid to bloody it on something other than fish.   


  Wambert has all walks of life visit his Market on a daily. From the poorest folk buying yesterday's catch to the nobles sending their servants to wait until sundown so that they could get first pick. Many of the nobles desire lobster, crab, and shellfish, as they know that they are quite rare. Regardless, most people come to get their meals for the day after work.   
Mister Wambert has quite reasonable deals on his fish. I, for one, really enjoy mussels and he is one of the only purveyors of them!
- Lady Genavive Estou 
    Customers always know that they can find affordable fish to eat. Trout, bass, cod, haddock, and more are famous for their taste, low cost, and flexibility in the kitchen. Some customers have reported strange growths on their fish: extra eyes, strange fins, translucent bellies, etc. Wambert always tells his customers that his fish is freshly caught and that sometimes they simply have strange aberrations. In truth, Wambert really does not have a clue why some fish are turning up like this. He blamed it on his fisherman for a while before realizing that this was something far beyond their control.  


  Wambert's isn't just a fresh, open-air fish market. They're proper fishmongers. As such, they smoke, cure, and season a lot of their more desirable fish. For a small fee, Holt dreams of one day having enough time and money to open an eatery right next door. Now that he has two grown daughters, that dream seems more and more like a reality.  

Who's Who & History

Holt Wambert   Holt was once a fisherman that decided that he'd spent far too much time on the water. Seeking the shore, he slowly began his legendary fishmongering business. In his mid-forties, he has spent the last five years building and establishing a reputation. A loving father and husband, he spends much of his free time preparing meals and teaching his girls how to fabricate fish. He is loud and larger than life and his personality keeps his customer's coming back.  

Rumors & Secrets

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Parent Location


Author's Notes



This article was written by the creative and talented Sols & Duun and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Sols & Duun, visit Vhosparus.

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