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Angry Axe Tavern


Welcome you, welcome thee! A great fat big warm welcome to you all! I sincerely want you all to have the time of your lives here. Just mind your tab, tip the staff and don't lose your head.
— Bloody Bill

At a Glance

  The outward structure appears poorly designed and ill maintained. Many that have never entered the Axe expected it to fall down any day for many years. Upon entering the inside has a low-hung ceiling resting upon a dozen dark pillars that solidly support the entire structure. The public guest area is a large common room with lots of dark corners and niches.    

First Impressions

  This is one of the most terrifying, sanguine, raunchy and delightful place you can ever find within the Market Ward. The other respectful business has been trying to get the Axe closed for years. The rules on fighting are as bizarre as the rest to this tavern. Fights are allowed if Bloody Bill is running the floor and they are not if Smalls is in charge. Fights break out anyway at the drop of a spilled tankard. In facts Bill has been known to encourage or inflame conflicts.    


  The clients fall into three groups; the unaware, the curious and the regulars. The unaware provide grand sport for the regulars with the owners. As they laugh at the shock and surprise, or even better if these new guests get involved with a brawl. The Guards make regular stops to "rescue" the new lost guest while cutting a fair amount of tolerance for the rest of the shenanigans with the Axe.    

Who's Who

  “Bloody” Bill and Erick "smalls" are both Co-Owners. Bloody Bill was a headsman for the city, but asked to leave. Rumors are whispered that he really enjoyed his work. We know nothing of "Smalls" before taking over the Axe with Bill. Are they friends, family or just business partners, rumors fly unconfirmed.
Alternative Names
Bloody Axe Tavern
Parent Location



This article was written by the creative and talented Nicolas Milioni and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more published items by Nicolas Milioni, visit his listing in the Storyteller Vault on DriveThurRPG.


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