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Marauders Cove Tavern

Ye' sure ye' wan' te go ther' lass? Not exactly De friendliest place for a dainty lassy loike yer. Sailors, brigands, an' criminals make stoney broke drinkin' companions.

Oh, I think you'd find they make excellent company. Much more interesting than any of you dainty folk, perhaps I'll drag a few friends out, and we can have some real...FUN.
— Conversation Overheard a Short Distance From the Pub

At a Glance

The Mauraders Pub is a fine building covered in a thick layer of grime and filth put on by the wear of years and the bustle of the city's underbelly. Sailors from across the sea collect here in droves while criminals have taken it up as one of their favorite neutral haunts. No feuds walk through The Maurader's door, and sometimes mortal enemies can even find friendship sharing stiff drinks in one of its dim lantern-lit booths. Yet the pub is more than a mere watering hole; it is a place where carnal desires are given the reigns.
Alternative Names
Thurmon Tap, Heathen Heights, .
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location

House Rules

There are few rules enforced in Heathen Heights by Mistress Thurmon and her staff. Above all, murdering patrons is forbidden. Yet violence is permitted so long as all parties remain capable of leaving the pub.

Visitors & Routines

The Maurader's normal clientele is a patchwork collection of cultures, species, and backgrounds. Yet, among this cloud of diversity is a shared pillar: a less than savory position in society. Bandits, pirates, thieves, mercenaries, and spies all congregate in this pub. The neutral ground guaranteed here by its potent magical defenses fosters a degree of comradery even between enemies and strangers.  
  • Sierra Thurmon - The owner of The Mauraders Pub is a retired pirate from a far eastern sea. A fearsome queen that once commanded an iron armada and ruled as a dreaded monarch over her seaborn kingdom. It is a mystery what brought her to exile herself here.
  • Kirin Sterling - The Maurader's resident minstrel is famous for the raucous sailor songs sung by all in the establishment. While his haunting melodies draw in patrons is like a siren's song, drawing in unwitting travelers to sit and indulge themselves.
  • Martin Nexril - A fishmonger that truly reeks with the filth of his trade claims the back corner booth of the coveted first floor. His eye-watering stench is enough to keep fellow patrons at bay while barmaids hurry to keep his every-emptying tankard full.
  • Old Man Hermon - An ancient fisherman crippled by the sinking of his ship: the Castellan Sweep. His gnarled left side is disfigured by puckered scars, and both his left arm and leg are entirely gone. He sits sipping ale every day from sunup to sundown.



Three stories of brick and mortar rise above the cramped back-alley street, nestled into the intersection of three cramped and disused avenues. Glass windows, obscured by thick layers of grime, gaze down at passerby and offer a murky glimpse into the shadowy rooms within. An entrance on either side of the southeast corner of the square building gives patrons access to the main lobby. While staff can access the building from either the kitchen entrance on the opposite corner or the west freight entrance.


The main lobby is the heart of The Maurader's Pub. The pub counter is an enchanting display of a serpent skeleton encased in a transparent crystal. This served to wow visitors and give them a clear view of the twin bloodstained axes that seemed to ooze an aura of blood. A wide selection of liquor and ale splay out behind the bartending staff as they distribute drinks to bar patrons and serving staff in a never-ending flow of alcohol. Tables litter the room with private alcoves sporting circular booths for those lucky enough to find a free spot.   The second floor contained several private rooms available for rent alongside dozens more private alcoves. The third floor is a very exclusive floor admitting only the lucky guest personally invited by the building's eclectic owner: Sierra Thurmon. It is a lavish den of debauchery and pleasure home to all manner of ways to fill your desires, but it is only enjoyed by those that Mistress Thurmon finds particularly intriguing. Those invited to her new court will find their every wish long as they endeavor to keep their queen's favor.  


Author's Notes



This article was written by the creative and talented WiredIn and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by WiredIn, visit Ravare.

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